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Fleur-de-Links: May 23rd, 2011

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Drew Brees Had a great weekend at our charity golf tourney in San Diego. Raised over $150K for the community. Thanks to all who participated

Drew Brees Watching devastation from tornado in Joplin, MO. So many disasters this year...floods, earthquakes, tornadoes. Many prayers for those people

Tracy Porter Done missed the flight smh..

Courtney Roby Say ya'll feel'n this morn'n?!

Tracy Porter Soooo my 7am flight has been delayed to 9:50am...I hate the Chicago Airport

Tyler Lorenzen The Band Perry "If I Die Young" is my jam right now. Yes I'm jamming to a country song. #paeoi

Malcolm Jenkins I'm excited about giving the commencement speech to the 2011 graduates of Thurgood Marshall High later today

Heath Evans Great start 2the day! Over-slept/Ava late 2school/no time to eat breakfast b4 workouts/I'm gonna faint in this NOLA heat & humidity this AM!

Usama Young Back in NOLA under the sun for a few... Workouts about to b real this morn!

Tyler Lorenzen Being on time is my habit. Waiting when I am on time is my pet peeve. Let's go! I have moves to make Ppl!

Alex James Brown Taking my truck in to get the oil changed and there is a "volkswagon" dealership across from it and they offered me a drop top bug #smh

Alex James Brown Lol ok it's not a bug but close pic coming soon...

Alex James Brown Like I said it's not a bug but it's close....

Heath Evans What should Joakim Noah's fine be for last nights verbal slur directed at a fan? Kobe Bryant was fined $100K for saying similar to a ref!

Heath Evans My opinion on Noah situation is simple: He was wrong/He apologized quickly/Great Move! Despite the rude fan he should not of responded!

Heath Evans What about the argument that the ref n Kobe's case did nothing & Noah was provoked? Does that hold water? Should fine b more or less??

Tracy Porter I am..what everybody in my past didn't want me to be #Drzzy

Tyler Lorenzen "Good things come for those who wait." I waited today and had good news. All the knee hab did me right!

Kawika Mitchell Something needs to give. I love spending time w/ my kids but I've watched enough reruns of Arthur On Demand. Please #NFL #LetUsPlay !

Usama Young Good Monday workout wit Dem Boyz, time to set up this visit to one of my NO schools..... Hmmmmm, where should I go?

DANNY CLARK I'm drinking this after our workouts today. It was hot as heck out there too. #whodatnation

Mark Ingram #WHODAT

Heath Evans Naomi just got home from the dentist: Daddy, my teeth are angry!

Courtney Roby Thoughts & Prayers go out to those affected in Joplin, MO.

Johnny Patrick Leaving LA tomorrow.... Back to Louisville

Courtney Roby I need to get my follower numbers ya boi some love..!

Reggie Bush Watching Ray Lewis Conversation on ESPN.

Usama Young Tuned in to Oprah. Yea, I said it...... Oprah!

Usama Young Watching the Believe School in NOLA on Oprah... That's my sis' school!

Reggie Bush Proverbs 15:33. The fear if the Lord is the instruction of wisdom; and before honor is humility. (thanks mom you always keep me grounded!)

Mark Ingram Everybody go check out details on my draft celebration at!! It's going to be Epic!!! #likehonestly

Johnny Patrick L.A traffic is the worst lol and they can't drive lol

Johnny Patrick The weather is nice though....    


For the Kids

AMIkids and New Orleans Saints’ Anthony Hargrove to Host Summer Challenge Event at South Carolina State University
Super Bowl Champion Committed to Support Youth Participants

Saints Host USA Football Youth Clinic
New Orleans Saints official website


Saints Linebackers

Illinois coach Ron Zook praises New Orleans Saints rookie linebacker Nate Bussey |
Zook raves about Wilson's special teams performance

Casillas eager to prove he can start again | San Antonio
Jonathan Casillas was tantalizingly close to rising from the ranks of the undrafted to an NFL starter in a mere two seasons, only to have a broken foot in the last exhibition game of 2010 relegate him to rehab.

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Casillas is healthy, ready to take place as NFL starter
This one got missed this past weekend.


Everything Else

Rapture for Saints fans happens when they finally play some football: Gerry V |

New Orleans Saints fans didn't believe that the world was going to end this past Saturday. If they did they wouldn't have bought enough tickets to sell out the Superdome for this upcoming football season. Saints fans believe this lockout will heal itself, and kickoffs will once again fill the air. How's that for having faith? Fans don't have...

NFL owners gather for the spring meetings to talk labor strategy |
Commissioner Roger Goodell continues to say face-to-face talks are needed

Ray Lewis is Right
Chicks in the Huddle