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Saints Tuesday Talking Points: Romo Said What!?

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I've found a few interesting articles this morning that I thought were deserving of their own post away from our daily Fleur-de-Links and that would made good talking points for our Tuesday afternoon. 

The first is an excellent article from Pro Football Focus praising Saints offensive guard Carl Nicks and making the argument that he could quite possibly be the best offensive lineman in the NFL. 

Fresh off a superb season, Nicks made the Pro Bowl squad (though not as a starter) and was criminally overlooked on the All-Pro team. He also was the highest positioned offensive linemen on my top 101 players of the year list, and I'm going to tell you why I think he's better than anyone appears prepared to give him credit for.    

And he's only going to get better, believes the author of the article, who backs everything up with some facts and figures. I'm sold.  

And if you needed yet another reason to hate Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys, just listen to the wise crack he made about the Saints after winning the Cox Celebrity Championship this past Sunday:

Romo came from behind to beat NFL Hall of Famer-turned-caddie Dan Quinn by two. Then he grabbed a microphone and tossed one at Brees. "It's funny,'' Romo said. "The only thing sweeter than this is when we went down to New Orleans and handed the Saints their first loss a couple of years ago." The crowd groaned. "Just kidding," Romo grinned.    

Refresh my memory: who eventually won the Super Bowl that year, Tony?

I'd also like to take a moment to applaud the Saints organization for not cutting employee salaries yet due to the lockout. At least I assume they haven't because they don't appear on Pro Football Talk's list  teams cutting employee pay and I haven't heard anything to the contrary. I wouldn't necessarily blame them if they did and if the lockout continues, that may change of course. But for now, this is certainly good to see. After all, it's not their fault the owners are players are greedy S.O.B.'s.