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Fleur-de-Links: May 24th, 2011


cameron jordan Nooo!!! I missed my 2000th tweet aww!!!

Heath Evans Lord help me today! Ava's last day of school party! I had the bright idea 2put 30 1st/2nd graders on 1 Limo bus!

Johnny Patrick Aww man makes me feel good to be down with school I see people walking to class lol.... Yess!!!! #win

Johnny Patrick Here I come Louisville....

Malcolm Jenkins Check out my latest event!

Reggie Bush Now Playing: Wale-The Breakup Song

Johnny Patrick #whodat nation what's going on today......

Johnny Patrick Sorry #cardnation what's up.

Chase Daniel One State, One Spirit, One #Mizzou #MizForJoplin

Lance Moore Errands, errands, errands

Chase Daniel Check out highlights from the Heath Evan's Charity Softball game and watch me hit home runs!

jonathan goodwin #incollege I got in trouble for getting the hook up lol. One of my best learning experiences.

Reggie Bush The offense destroyed the defense at the Heath Evans Charity event last week. Here's my home run from the game.

jonathan goodwin Bowling time!

Jonathan Vilma Y does the media keep entertaining this FOOL with his new rapture date nonsense??? There is real news out there

Tracy Porter Workout on

cameron jordan Hey breh breh the world is a beautiful place I've had a great meal crawfish , Cajun salmon, a new

Orleans twice baked potato and lava cake!

Courtney Roby Whats good?!

Chase Daniel Just took my food sensitivity test to see what I'm allergic to! They test for over 320 allergies...this should be interesting.

Johnny Patrick Come on airline people get it together.....

Johnny Patrick When u land on run way and sit for 30 min its the worst...

Leigh Torrence Jr You can't lead where you don't go, and you can't teach what you don't know! #focusonyou

Larry Holder Owners wanted to look more into defenseless player rule changes after N.O. meetings, revisit this week. No surprise to me the rules passed

New Orleans Saints Jimmy Graham's 67.7% 1st down percentage (1st downs/recs) ranked 2nd among rookie TEs last season who had at least 30 catches

Jeff Duncan Good news: From Bags to Riches will be available in digital format for eReader in two weeks. Long overdue, but better late than never.

Mike Triplett #Saints receiver Marques Colston, guard Carl Nicks to be featured on NFL Network's top-100 players show Sunday night. Ranked between 51-60.

Mike Triplett A total of five #Saints made the list, which is based on votes from players. The other 3 haven't been named yet. They're in the top 50.

Mike Triplett Pleasantly surprised to see Colston rated so high after being underrated for so long. He's ahead of M.Austin, G.Jennings, B.Marshall, etc.    

gregg rosenthal Jammal Brown will be intriguing FA gamble. Former 1st team All-Pro tackle. Only 30. Further away from hip surgery.

Andrew Brandt Along w/Rookie Symposium, other casualties of labor dispute were joint NFL-NFLPA player education programs at Harvard and Wharton.

daniel kaplan Nfl teams in 2011 can be fined for an as yet to be deterimined # of illegal hits; reporters are calling the policy the anti steelers rule

gregg rosenthal Not letting anyone play football: An effective way reduce helmet-to-helmet collisions.

Andrew Brandt Role reversal: NFL had filed unfair labor charge w/NLRB accusing NFLPA of bad faith bargaining. Now NBPA has filed same charge against NBA

daniel kaplan Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels will speak to the NFL owners tonight at a cocktail reception

Albert Breer 1 thing I found interesting from Pash presser: He raised poss of including "true-ups" in new CBA, when fixed-vs-percentage argument came up.

Albert Breer ... The lack of true-ups in March 11 owners' proposal was a problem forth players. Gap can be bridged there.

Jim Trotter Casey Anthony's attorney didn't waste time slinging mud. I thought it would take at least two days. Incredulous.    



Saints Stuff

Saints' Jonathan Casillas hopes lockout doesn't derail comeback - ESPN
Jonathan Casillas was tantalizingly close to rising from the ranks of the undrafted to an NFL starter in a mere two seasons, only to have a freak injury in the last exhibition game of 2010 relegate him to rehab.

Bush Could Draw Interest From Several Different Teams " Saints Gab
Said one team executive: "The thing with (Bush) will be timing. You don’t want to run out when free agency eventually starts, and sign a (versatile) back, and then have Bush pop free, because the Saints can’t afford him. You might be kicking yourself for not waiting on Bush, and seeing what his market is out there. So it’s probably going to take some legwork, you know?"

Highlights from Loomis' Interview with Sirius Radio - New Orleans Saints official website

New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins gives some words of wisdom to Marshall's graduates |
It was part of an overall interaction Jenkins has had with the school

New Orleans Saints receiver Marques Colston, guard Carl Nicks will be featured on Sunday's edition of NFL's top-100 players on NFL Network |
Colston and Nicks are ranked between 51-60, based on votes of their peers.

Fleur-De-Facts: Tight Ends
New Orleans Saints official website


Across the League

Fandom turns to crime: Why lost NFL, NBA games might not be all bad


Other pro athletes unions side with NFLPA and push for an end to the lockout |
All agree it's causing the players irreparable harm

NFL owners approve rule change first proposed in New Orleans in March: report |
The rule was first discussed in New Orleans


NFL cancels next month's rookie symposium | The Advocate
Thanks to the lockout.