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Who is the Fastest Player on the Saints Roster?

A few years ago I would have put money down on Devery in the Kentucky Derby, but now?
A few years ago I would have put money down on Devery in the Kentucky Derby, but now?

I have no idea what the answer to this question is... I'm hoping that one of you do.

Prior to this season I would have said that Devery Henderson, Robert Meachem and/or Reggie Bush were the obvious three that could compete for the title of  "Fastest Player on the Saints." Since then, though, Henderson kind of seems like he's lost a step, Meachem has had that bad toe injury that severely slowed him down and Reggie Bush broke a leg. Are they still the top three fastest players on the team after last season?

The Saints don't really have any top flight players in the defensive backfield. I'd say Tracy Porter and Jabari Greer are the fastest of the bunch, but I don't think either touch Devery/Meachem/Bush in a foot race. Add Lance Moore to the mix too, who's apparently pretty quick himself. Does anyone have any 40-yard dash times to share? 

According to Madden 11, the speed ratings were:

Devery Henderson - 98

Reggie Bush - 97

Robert Meachem - 94

Tracy Porter - 92

Jabari Greer - 88

Lance Moore - 87

How does the video game compile these speed ratings anyway? We all know the Madden ratings are often erroneous and you can't go by them. Example, Carl Nicks as a 94 strength rating and Jahri Evans has 96. It's commonly known in real life, however, that Nicks is by far the strongest player on the team. No one can touch him in the weight room, big Jahri included. But still, there must be some thought put into these ratings. I also think a year has changed things. Devery has beefed up a bit and Reggie/Meachem are both coming off injury plagued seasons. 

If you had to guess, who is the fastest player on the Saints roster?