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Fleur-de-Links: May 25, 2011


Deuce mcallister Good Morning Twit Fam I hope today is great for All

Chase Daniel Headed to breakfast with our raffle winners! Wonder if they have any clue what's coming their way haha!

Courtney Roby Watch'n 1 of my favorite shows, "The Price Is Right"...these folks do tha MOST when their name is called..this lady ran the whole building!!

DeMario Pressley Going for a swim

DeMario Pressley My dog just ate a beetle.. It wasn't weird until I heard the crunching in her mouth...

Mark Ingram About to get better #GrindTime #legoooo

Chase Daniel A little taste of Home Run Debry, QB style!

Tyler Lorenzen Great workout today. The raffle winners sure worked hard and we all had a great time. I'm still sore from bikram yoga at yoga108 tho!

deuce mcallister alil news to share. I will be assisting The University Of Miss. With there football camps this summer. Have to keep my mind sharp

DANNY CLARK What's going on Family? How's your Weds going?

Tyler Lorenzen Joplin before and after picture say your prayers for everyone dealing with this crazy weather.

Jonathan Vilma Is it sad I gota block my best friend @djwilliam55 bc he doesn't kno how to use Twitter....*sigh* smh

Courtney Roby Anyone else's timeline stuck?! I haven't had any action for tha past 3hrs...?

Courtney Roby Mannnnn this aint coo...I feel disconnected..LOL

Courtney Roby Someone fill me in, anything good been go'n on..?

Johnny Patrick #whodatnation what's up

Jermon Bushrod Maaaan I'm craving crawfish... @jessmendez_ is slackin.. She usually want them 2 times a week

DANNY CLARK Its Weds evening. What's the plan for tonight?

Reggie Bush Hey guys please support my Kids Charity Football Camp by texting REGGIE to 28553. Proceeds allow underprivileged kids to go to my camp!

Darren Sharper Aint it bout a blip. Come back from my euro vacation. And lose my phone.!!

Courtney Roby Now i have lost all of my tweets... #twitter is trippin..!

Jermon Bushrod We LOCKED out, they won't let us IN whoooooaaaa, they won't let us IN!! (akon voice) remixed slightly

Jermon Bushrod Shhhhhhhhhh don't say nothin!!! #oops I wasn't solo tho

Mike Triplett #Saints rookie tailback Mark Ingram was at Wednesday's workouts. He joined teammates recently so he could start learning plays, terminology.

Mike Triplett Ingram was hesitant to do the full workout program since he's not under contract but decided it was benefit to learn and develop chemistry.

Larry Holder So coaches are now claiming "irreparable harm" like players in the lockout? I'm sure the owners love this.

Jeff Duncan Russ Ball is one of the most underrated front-office execs in the NFL. Widely respected throughout the league. Long overdue for a GM job

Larry Holder Drew Brees told reporters today that the #Saints players have two more weeks of their workout program at Tulane.

Larry Holder #Saints players taking off next week, but will have two more weeks at Tulane after the Memorial Day break.

Larry Holder Brees said he certainly knows Mark Ingram has been working out: "He looks great." Brees said Ingram has to get used to speed, grind of game.

Larry Holder Brees on Colston being in NFLN's Top 60 players ahead of Austin, Marshall, Jennings and yet no Pro Bowls: "He just does things quietly."

Larry Holder Brees on his and Colston's future together: "I feel like we've got a lot of great years together." Both are in final years of contracts.

Larry Holder Ingram: "I've been meeting with Drew (Brees) and a couple of the guys, just learning the system and getting familiar with things out here."    


Player Practices

Brees: Saints turning the lockout into an opportunity to learn, bond and help the community - The Washington Post
Drew Brees has a track record of making the best of bad situations.

Flint's Mark Ingram joins New Orleans Saints in player workout |
Flint's Mark Ingram "looks great," says Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Four New Orleans Saints fans join players for Wednesday's workouts |

Raffle organized by quarterback Drew Brees offers fans 'once in a lifetime opportunity.

New Orleans Saints rookie tailback Mark Ingram joins teammates for workouts at Tulane |
Ingram has been learning playbook, practicing with team in recent days.


NFL Lockout

NFL says it's seeing cracks in fan loyalty because of the lockout |
But there appears to be no end in sight.

Saints legend Dempsey remembers harsh labor era for players in 1974


Saints Play Host

Saints to Host Special Teams Clinic
New Orleans Saints official website

Saints to Host 7-on-7 Football Tournament

New Orleans Saints official website 



New Orleans Saints have no seats but do have parking, suites available |

All seats are sold out for the season.