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What Up With Dat?: Saints Dinner Party and Other Answers

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Below are answers to this weeks reader questions submitted Tuesday. There will be answers to more of your questions laster today. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below. 


Do you think the lockout will be lifted and when? - J. Ricky

Of course I think the lockout will be lifted, it's the second part of your question that remains a mystery to me and everyone else. Nobody has the real answer to this question, only opinions. I'm hoping that it gets lifted legally sometime at the end of June. Then it might be a while before a new deal actually gets signed. But at least we'll have football. If it doesn't get lifted, hopefully as the season nears and the realization that serious money will be lost, both players and owners will start to take negotiations even more seriously.

Is this a make or break year for Usama Young. - Big D.

Short answer: no. After five years I think Usama Young's career path has already been defined and that's as a mediocre backup and a solid special teams ace. If you're expecting any more from him then you'll probably continue to be disappointed that Young hasn't "made it."


Which is your second favorite NFL team and why? - Cold P.

Why would I need a second favorite NFL team? Seriously though, I have no interest in any other teams. I apologize if that sounds like a politically rote answer. I fell in love with the Saints before gaining an interest in the actual game of football. I will admit that as a very young kid I followed the Packers a little because I liked their team colors. I even had a Reggie White jersey. That all disappeared when I began playing hockey, however.  


If you could have five saints players or coaches around for dinner (3 current/2 former) who would you choose and why? - hrp

Drew Brees - Do I really need to explain why?

Leigh Torrence - He went to Stanford and is supposed to be pretty smart. 

Sean Payton - Other than Brees, he's the one steering the ship. Definitely need to pick his brain. 

Archie Manning - Because of his history with the Saints and the fact that he's Peyton and Eli's father. 

Sam Mills - Wasn't a Saints fan back then but everyone seems to love him. I want to find out what all the fuss is about.


Since becoming the head blogger for CSC, what is/was your favorite story you ever wrote? - Jon Banks

Ooooh, this is a tough one. I'm not going to be able to give you just one and I'm sure I'm going to forget one or two. My all-time favorite was probably Hell Hath No Fury Like a Who Dat's Scorned. It felt great to write and it was obviously well received. For our newer members, I highly recommend  giving that one a read. When the Saints first signed Gregg Williams, I did some research and wrote an in-depth article on him titled Gregg Williams: A Complete History. At the time I think it was the most anyone had written about the man in the blogosphere and it brought in a lot of visitors the entire summer. I also love the interviews. I think they show how far we've come as a "blog" and as a fan, it's always exciting to talk to the players. 


Is there any talk of an SBN/CSC app? I've got a Droid but either Droid or iPhone, the mobile site is just so slow and seems like an app could do it justice. - GRIZZ

Actually, yes, there is. In fact, SB Nation has a team right now dedicated to creating an app and improving your mobile experience. Of all the things they're currently working on behind the scenes, they are most excited about this. I would expect something relatively soon and we will let you know when it happens.