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Fleur-De-Links: Thursday, May 26


LanceMoore16 Night tweeps, ill holla tomorrow

ChaseDaniel #Mavs!! Huge win for the franchise! Can't wait to watch the finals in person!

MalcolmJenkins That movie was hilarious I haven't laughed that hard in a while

alexbrown96  Oh yeah we are talented at it all RT @T_Porter22: RT Congrats to coach Brown for getting the Lakers job...<--- that's ur uncle huh?

drewbrees Had a great time w/our raffle winners @ workouts 5/25. Shane from Luling said it blew away his expectations and was a once in a lifetime exp

drewbrees We are thinking of doing the raffle again for 4 more winners to come train with us 6/15 since these fans had such a good time. Should we?

LanceMoore16  Gym time grind w the fellas @D1Columbus

Lego @NickMoore_1 @Alexcouch24 @DLO614 @dubmac10 @YoungBabyHawk

LanceMoore16 Hope everyone has a great n productive day!!!

jeffduncantp Great point. RT @davegoldberg84: I've been trying to stay neutral, but layoffs + private planes makes owners look like greedy misanthropes.

jeffduncantp RT @scottfujita99: Saw two white-tailed kite birds attempting to mate in flight yesterday. Is it weird that I was trying to get a picture?

Official_Saints  The @Saintsations wanted to tell our Twitter followers good morning!

Official_Saints The Saints are hosting nearly 300 kids from Camp Tiger today!

Official_Saints Camp Tiger gives disadvantaged and challenged children an enjoyable summer camp experience.

reggie_bush Good morning world! On my way to put in another work day! What's on your agenda? Don't count the days, make the days count! (Shoutout to Stujo for posting this in a comment earlier today)

jgoody76 On this highway again. What's happening twitter?

reggie_bush  Now Playing: Young Jeezy-Mr. 17.5

greggrosenthal Jason Snelling on PFT Live: "I don't faith in the court system to get it done . . . why aren't we meeting everyday?"

miketripletttp  RT @lholder_cbs_nba@scottfujita99 will jump on @690sptshangover at 12:05 p.m. central. You DO NOT want to miss Scott. Always great guest.

Official_Saints  RT @JasonRomano: Confirmed - Saints CB @MalcolmJenkins a guest on College Football LIVE today -- 330pm est ESPN

HeathEvans  "@HeathEvans_Org: Check out this great article on Jeremy Shockey & the Drambuie Pursuit! Thx 4 your support Jeremy!"

sharper42 Workout was excellent today over in kenner,la

LanceMoore16  Workout, check, haircut, I'm starving. Where to eat lunch @NickMoore_1?

HeathEvans  I hate moving!! #STUPIDLOCKOUT

HeathEvans  "@New49ersRegime@HeathEvans I thought u lived n New Orleans" I do/did! Free-Agent! Can't sign a new deal. Sold home! Going 2 Auburn 2train

T_Porter22  #np I'm on one DJ Khaled (ft. Drake, Rozay, & Weezy) #banger

miketripletttp  RT @espn_afcsouth@T_Porter22 ranks in the Top 10 in's first #NFL Twitter Index:

jgoody76  #nowplaying for the love of you by the Isley brothers #classic

MilneMalbrough So at what point will it evah rain in Texas? Why do you hate us so much God? Did my lawn kill a child or something?

usama_young28 It's a beautiful day but I'm tired! Bout to be on this couch for a few til workout #2!

T_Porter22 Maaaan #np I'm On One DJ Khaled (ft Drizzy, Rozay, & Weezy) AGAIN! This is def a #banger u can ride, walk, or skip too.

T_Porter22  Pool workout brb yall #

HeathEvans  "@rlbourgeois11@HeathEvans R u leaving NOLA???" Hopefully only for the summer!!

MalcolmJenkins Bruce hooley mom said if you don't have anything nice to say to someone don't say it....(this is me not saying anything to you )

T_Porter22 U a sellout but I ain't buying.. #I'mOnOne

T_Porter22  Me and my #saints back to work but we still smell like a vacation #I'mOnOne

scottshanle  Jason Snelling: "Why aren't we meeting every day? " via @ProFootballTalk..cant be that simple can it? just keep meeting

miketripletttp  RT @lholder_cbs_nba: Fujita on owners: "Trust has been broken. Theres been a fracture, but I also think it's something that can be mended."

Official_Saints  Saints welcomed 130 Kids from Camp Tiger to the team's facility today

TylerLorenzen Tyler Lorenzen Hangover II! Ayup

MilneMalbrough  Brees lays out compelling case owners have been planning lockout since '08

usama_young28 Sama's Movie Ratings..... Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, gets 3 out of 5 Fleur de Lis. Decent, Penelope Cruz was the best part

usama_young28 Saw it. 4 Fleur de lis out of 5 RT @MiracleBP@usama_young28have you seen Kick Ass?.if not you should check it out on Netflix.and rate it!

ChaseDaniel  Dallas for the day for my Mom's birthday then headed up to Missouri tomorrow!

MalcolmJenkins man all this crap is making me lose focus.... i gotta get ready for my flag football game tonight. bout to be a real live pros vs joes lol


Labor Pains

Decertification was failing strategy by NFLPA | Yahoo! Sports
Les Carpenter - The union's approach from Day 1 was a Hail Mary that the players had little chance to complete.

Bucs announce contingency plan - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Pat Y. - The Buccaneers announced Thursday their offices will be shut down next week as part of a contingency plan for the league's lingering lockout.

Report: Falcons cut employee pay |
Pat Y. - On the same day the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced employees will be furloughed next week (with a chance to regain lost wages if the full 2011 season is played), there’s news of more cutbacks in the NFC South.

Time for NFL players to adopt new labor game plan |
Scott Garbarini - Sports Network


Saints Stuff

New Orleans Saints fans, tailback Mark Ingram take part in players' workout |
Mike Triplett - Raffle raises more than $40,000; players considering doing another. Includes photo gallery.

New Orleans Saints mailbag: Is lockout reporting biased and what happens to Saints season ticket holders? |
James Varney - answering your Saints questions.

Locked-out leaders |
Brett Martel - Associated Press

Brees — adversity equals opportunity |
Mark Wiedmer - With his New Orleans Saints in desperate need of a road victory inside the Georgia Dome last December to secure an NFC playoff berth, quarterback Drew Brees was ready to pounce on anything to save the Saints against the Atlanta Falcons.



Reports: NCAA rejects USC's bid to ease sanctions in Reggie Bush case |
Associated Press - School argued bowl ban, loss of scholarships was excessive.

Random NFC South thoughts |
Pat Y. - Random thoughts from around the NFC South.

New Orleans Saints host special-needs children from Camp Tiger at practice facility |
Mike Triplett - Facility being put to good use during NFL lockout.

Tracy Porter makes the "Twindex'' |
Pat Y. - Atlanta's Roddy White and New Orleans' Reggie Bush made some headlines with their work on Twitter earlier this offseason. TP made the list and Heath got honorable mention. This blurb links to another article.