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Where Were You Watching The Saints On December 24, 2006?

For those of you that watch the HBO series Treme (bonus link to Dave Walker's 'Treme' page on, you know that a recent episode (ep #4 of Season 2) featured a scene of New Orleanians in a New York bar watching the Saints-Giants game from December 24, 2006.

Here's Mr. Walker's bit on that scene from his weekly "'Treme' explained" post-episode column that week:

The New Orleans Saints defeated the New York Giants, 30-7, on Dec. 24, 2006. The New York bar where Delmond re-ups with James Woodrow and meets Janette is actually Chuck's Sports Bar, 510 Gravier. Read more about the bar it's standing in for, NYC's Bar None. The origin and ownership of "Who Dat?" is a matter of endless debate and occasional litigation, but its rise in popularity among New Orleans Saints fans came during the 1983 season thanks, in part, to then-New Orleans sportscaster, and eternal New York Mets World Series hero, Ron Swoboda, who now does broadcast work for the New Orleans Zephyrs. The Louisiana Purchase. Picasso. Louis Armstrong. Oscar "Papa" Celestin.

That scene got me reminiscing and thinking...come with me across the jump for more!

As the characters in the show watched the game, talked, and cheered for the Saints, it gave me a warm feeling inside and reminded me that that Week 16 game was one of my favorite of the entire 2006 season (along with the reopening of the Dome and the Sunday Night pasting of Dallas).

It was so for a number of reasons:

  • It was Christmas Eve (I love the holidays!), and we were in St. Louis to be with my wife's family. I wasn't sure until the last minute if the game would be shown at my in-law's house. Not only was it on, but my wife's whole family sat with me to watch the game and root on the Saints (that was the moment they officially adopted the Saints as their second favorite team - after the Rams, of course).
  • Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush  BOTH went over 100 yards on the ground, as the swirling winds greatly limited the effectiveness of our vaunted passing game. We dominated TOP in that game 40:34 - 19:26.
  • The defense did not allow the Giants to snap the ball on our side of the field for the whole game, and only gave up one score in the first half to them.
  • The 30-7 beatdown of New York in the elements at Giants Stadium made me feel much better about our postseason chances following the surprising and embarrassing loss to the Redskins from the week before.
  • My Saints Santa hat and black Saints pullover windbreaker then made a spectacularly great outfit for the Christmas Eve party we went to at my brother-in-law's house that night.

Here's a video of Saints and Giants fans getting in a fight late in the game...I'm not sure who started it, though.


Now I want you to tell me and the rest of our CSCers about where you were when watching the Saints play on that great December 24, 2006. Was it special for you, too? If so, what made the game special for you?