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Fleur-De-Links: Friday, May 27


j_bushrod7475 I can't stand people that comment on everything in the movies... On the previews/the previews' previews n the movie.. Just #STFU #jussayin

ChaseDaniel  #Mavs vs. #Heat ...early predictions anyone?? I'm going to save mine until later!

jgoody76 I'm not a 2010-2011 heat fan but I had to repost this of of Facebook. Lmao

jgoody76 *off of

jgoody76 Preach RT @cthagod: Remind these faux Miami Heat Fans that they were Cavs fans last year.

BillyMiller83 Liars always get found out!

j_bushrod7475 Watching my college pro-day tape in the bed n @jessmendez_ is hatin on my chain I was workin out in... #hater

iWillSmith Happy Birthday Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (05/27/1971 - 04/25/2002) #RIP

Official_Saints @ProFootbalFocus says Pierre Thomas had the lowest "Drop Percentage" among RBs last season & over the last 3 years

Official_Saints @ProFootballFocus recorded 0 drops for Pierre Thomas last season & only 1 over the last 3 years!

jeffduncantp Hear, hear. Highly recommended. RT @JudyWalkerTP@BrettAndersonTP ranks it 4 beans: Dominique's on

HeathEvans  "@m_c_funk: Signed helmet from @HeathEvans. Thanks, to this righteous foundation." Glad we could help!!

Official_Saints  Hey @JasonLaCanfora - cool Twitter profile picture! CC: @Saintsations

Official_Saints RT @JasonLaCanfora@Official_Saints thanks! They're always great hosts at The Dome! Love covering games there. Great crowd. Great team!

sharper42 Good morning twitters, headed to workout and feeling good. Ready for great weekend. How you doing?

HeathEvansThe only good thing about moving is the whole truck load of food & clothes we het to give to the NOLA MISSION!!

miketripletttp RT @kspainTP: we talked to @mark_ingram22 at the #saintsworkout on tuesday:

robyslyfe At Cracker Barrel and this Raspberry Lemonade is #Epic ..!

HeathEvans "@annablade@HeathEvans Be safe!!!"I'm trying to be!! I'll hook u & Beth up soon!

jgoody76 My mailbox has been hit at least 15 times in 5 years. I'm bout to put some nails and spikes near it.

TylerLorenzen You do not mean that. RT @DariusButler28 Am I the only person that agrees wit @ScottiePippen ?

j_bushrod7475  Clever lol "@LMAOTwitpics: People Get Anything"

j_bushrod7475 Nah "@QCook323: Scottie Pippen said LeBron will be better than Jordan?! RiP DAD!"

jgoody76 I think he will be one day. As well as Kobe

usama_young28 Thas wasup RT @AdiKtid2Polo:Shufflin thru my son's room n found a #throwback news clip of the homie @usama_young28

usama_young28 Sama's Movie Ratings... Hangover Part 2 gets 4.5 out of 5 Fleur De Lis. Funny, but not as funny as the first.And minus for some racial slurs

usama_young28 Lol Oh yea "Thorn" was fiyah! RT @RegJones29@usama_young28 bro everytime i think about that "THORN" i start rolliN... lol hahaha ~$HOWTIME

j_bushrod7475 I #cosign that "@MichaelOher: Scottie Pippen done lost his mind!!"

usama_young28 Don't torture yourself! RT @MOSSmvmnt: i think im going to play basketball today

robyslyfe S/O to my new followers...welcome to my Lyfe.

usama_young28Oh yea, I've been doin this for years! RT @alanmac5@usama_young28 since when u become siskel n ebert (spell check both names) lls

greggrosenthal Watched 3 Vince Young starts last night. (Crazy night in NYC!) Tricky evaluation but can be incredibly accurate, good touch.

greggrosenthal Think of VY's value if he was FA last year. Has big questions but undeniably talented, productive.

ChaseDaniel Just landed in KC! Can't wait to get down the the Ozarks with the crew led by @TylerLorenzen

greggrosenthal Folks at the NFLPA* would be amused by the amount of PFT commenters that say we are "pro player"

jgoody76 Ha great question RT @RG803: Ask your self honestly! 10 secs left with your LIFE on the line. Who would you (cont)

T_Porter22 Wheels up ! NOLA Bound! Bumping #ImOnOne #repeat #leggo#

sharper42 Jeff where you at. Coming to Miami need a cut.

T_Porter22 "@Mark_Ingram22@T_Porter22 hit me up when u touchdown big bruh we at the #boom grindin" <-- gotcha lil bro

Official_Saints  Video: Look back at Reggie Bush's double-reverse TD against the Dolphins in 2009!

ChaseDaniel Buzz World! What's happening?? Headed down to the Ozarks for the weekend for a little R&R.

miketripletttp #Saints coaches voice their support for ownership in NFL labor battle:

ChaseDaniel Radar wont stick to the windshield so we decided to use our heads.  @TylerLorenzen

scottfujita99 Scott Fujita "@ProFootballTalk: Saints coaches "appalled" by NFLCA" -- Sure they are...what a bunch of b.s.

Mark_Ingram22 Mark Ingram Just put in some great work, time to enjoy the rest of the day!! Hope everyone has a fun and safe memorial weekend!!    


Saints Stuff

New Orleans Saints coaches voice support for ownership in NFL labor battle |
Mike Triplett - Linebackers coach Joe Vitt said Saints coaches are not a part of NFL Coaches Association, which supported players earlier this week.

New Orleans Saints reader comment: 49ers' anonymous quotes are telling |
Staff post - Highlighting comments from our readers.

New Orleans Saints mailbag correction: Tickets will be refunded in case of lost games |
James Varney

Chase Daniel is the best option at backup QB for the New Orleans Saints: Mailbag |
Jeff Duncan


NFC South

NFC South evening roundup - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - Let's take a look at the headlines from what's been a pretty quiet day in the NFC South.

Talib continues to prepare for football - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - Tampa Bay cornerback Aqib Talib is expected to be hit with an indictment on an assault charge Friday.

Lawyers: Bucs CB Talib indicted for aggravated assault | wire reports - The lawyers for Aqib Talib confirm the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback was indicted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon by a Dallas County grand jury on Friday.

Talib's lawyers issue statement - NFC South Blog | ESPN
Pat Y. - As expected, Tampa Bay cornerback Aqib Talib has been indicted by a Texas grand jury on an assault charge.

Roddy White Hangover |


Labor Pains

Fans Pepper NFL Commissioner About Lockout - WWL | AM870 | FM105.3
Associated Press. Includes audio clip.

NFL tells court only talks can end lingering labor dispute |
Albert Breer - The NFL filed its reply brief to the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday -- the final piece of business due from either party before the June 3 hearing in St. Louis -- and the league took the opportunity to reiterate its core arguments.

NFL: Court needs to honor labor law in lockout ruling -
Associated Press - The NFL hasn't wavered in this message to its locked-out players: Get out of the courts and come back to the bargaining table.


Reggie Bush/USC Dramarama

BCS will consider vacating USC's 2004 championship |
Associated Press - Title would not be awarded to another team.


V-Roll Roll Call