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Fleur-de-Links: Saturday, May 28


jgoody76 #chubbytweet lol RT @j_bushrod7475: Only in a new Orleans wedding can you get chicken cordon Bleu balls n crabcake ice cream cone #nola

j_bushrod7475 @ @jgoody76 lol #dontjudgeme

jgoody76 #chunk lol RT @j_bushrod7475@jgoody76 lol #dontjudgeme

HeathEvans "@Matherne07@HeathEvans #THINGSNAOMISAYS "dad why do you wear a helmet? I broke my arm and didn't cry!"" Sounds just like her!!

HeathEvans "@EricStangel: Scottie Pippen just said the best coach in Chicago Bulls history was Tim Floyd..." so stupid!!

j_bushrod7475  No one like you #buster "@twostep05: so u don't like @j_bushrod7475 right? Lol "@LiTeBrIgHt22@twostep05 im a reggie fan lol""

HeathEvans "@jdstoecker@HeathEvans He writes for Letterman. His sports expertise is not expertise."I know...that's my boy!!

j_bushrod7475 Me n @jessmendez_ at this wedding!!!

HeathEvans The Auburn campus is beautiful!!

T_Porter22  "@ORLPredators: Check this out Preds fans... Leslie Majors is pulling double-duty for us this season!"

ChaseDaniell At Topsider with my guys @TylerLorenzen @Laz73 & waiting on @BlaineGabbert to get here. This place is packed!

jgoody76 Lol not good at all RT @A5Lucas: If you can feel the A/C that's not a good thing ...lmao @jgoody76

scottfujita99 "@Aaron_Nagler@scottfujita99 I love that you RT the idiots too..." LOL! I try to keep some semblance of balance!

jgoody76 (drops my phone) im done lol RT @A5Lucas: Sweater muscle shut ....yeah LIVE! its that cold up in chere

jgoody76 #truestory ok im done people watching RT @A5Lucas: Mama got on the full sequin jumper like a lost disco ball.....

j_bushrod7475  Bmore bound wit the lady @jessmendez_...

robyslyfe Up this mornin watchin Sanford & Son...I think I have an old soul.. #Classics

usama_young28 Nice Saturday in Indy... @robyslyfe where u at?!

robyslyfe "@usama_young28: Nice Saturday in Indy... @robyslyfe where u at?!"--Im in Indy bruh, wud up homie..?!

robyslyfe "@usama_young28@robyslyfe Crispus Attucks... Little sis is graduating today"--I was supposed to b there, my step-bro is graduating too..

usama_young28  U know we in the building! RT @thomasina_319: yeessss graduating tmmrw! and hopefully seeing @usama_young28

ChaseDaniel Were running the raffle back one more time! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

alexbrown96 At our sons baseball game early this am... They are down 6-1 but it's a long game..

NateBUSSEY  Awww u look so happy.... RT @LOVE_PumaB =)

HeathEvans  Some of the #NFLPLAYERHATERS said I needed to get a real job! A local moving comp gave me a one! $6.75hr-Piece of cake!

jeffduncantp RT @drewbrees: The raffle is back due to popular demand. 4 people will join our team for prac 6/15. Buy $2 raffle tix @

dannyclark55  by j_bushrod7475Hey family. Anyone who wants to get an experience of life time to workout with the New Orleans Saints on June...

jeffduncantp Viva Espana! RT @garlandgillen: 2.5 hrs away! RT @Sportsbook_com: Manchester United +250 underdogs vs #Barcelona

HeathEvans "@AthletesCharity@HeathEvans - Please donate your rate to charity. LOL." done deal!

HeathEvans "@New49ersRegime@HeathEvans u think u will pass background check though" Prob not! Lol

HeathEvans  "@shawnkennedy@HeathEvans one bag at a time! you get paid by the HOUR!!!" Smart man!!

Mark_Ingram22 Time to put this work in #GrindMode

alexbrown96  They lost 10-9... But @karimarbrown had her rally cap on lol

T_Porter22 Back home...blessed to see a new day!...Today is father/daughter and the lil monster gon spend some alone time together!!! #winning

reggie_bush Watching the French Open

HeathEvans  I just remembered I was sleep walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night & ran into the wall! Hate when that happens!


Saints Stuff

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Mike Triplett - Free-agent tight end hopes to be part of the team's future.

New Orleans Saints players holding another raffle offering chance to work out with them |
Drawing will be held June 10, practice will be held June 15.


NFC South

Hitting the NFC South links |
Pat Y. - Time for a run through the headlines across the NFC South. 

Reviewing film of the NFC South chat |
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In this Insider post, Ben Fawkes writes that it's going to be difficult for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to repeat the success of last year's 10-6 season.


Labor Pains

Drew Brees: Some players suffering more than others in NFL lockout |
Mike Triplett - New Orleans Saints quarterback says free agents are struggling.

Undrafted free agents and the land of uncertainty |
Storm Kirschenbaum (it says he's a sports agent - maybe he should have been a meteorologist) - special to The Sports Network

NFL lockout presents head coaches with new opportunity | FOX Sports on MSN
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Don't fret, football fans: Experts agree 2011 season will happen |
NFL Network "experts" weighed in on Thursday about when the Lockout will end.

The Key to the Future of the NFL: Interpreting the Norris-LaGuardia Act |
Andrew Brandt - I have received scores of questions asking in different forms the following: How can two courts interpret the Norris-LaGuardia Act in two completely different ways? Welcome to the law.

With a Labor Deal in Limbo, N.F.L. May Expand Rosters |
Judy Battista - Expanding rosters would give coaches extra time to evaluate rookies, many of whom have not yet received playbooks.



Romo's wedding details |
HansDat knows there are a lot of closeted Romo fans on CSC who want to know the info on today's fete...