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Fleur-De-Links: Sunday, May 29


HeathEvans What did I miss today in twitterville while I was unloading Beth's 44 boxes of clothes that she "had 2 have" 4 the summer! #IHATEMOVING

HeathEvans "@Pinkdaisy1123@HeathEvans But you like when your wife is all dolled up"Yes I do! Amen!

robyslyfe  "@j_bushrod7475@robyslyfe boy you late... #wobble been out for a min"--I kno homie, #dontjudgeme ..!

HeathEvans  "@StanGill: Just tell your wife, . I carry footballs. Not boxes." Run with that. @HeathEvans #IHATEMOVING" I like my face the way it is!

NateBUSSEY Lol that's toooooo HOT lol RT @nabb_melo @NateBUSSEY wish we can get that weather from y'all down there NO! its s***** here n da chi

iWillSmith  Lets Go Matt Hamill!!!!!

jgoody76  Lol RT @garyowencomedy: Lil Wayne tossed 50k around at KOD last night. I woulda bought a Honda & 10 Ipad 2'S instead. But thats me.

iWillSmith That was a boring fight

Mark_Ingram22  "@NayrYenarcm@Mark_Ingram22 Your t-shirt I bought today!"<-----SWEEEEET

HeathEvans U see oscars toy? I had it in my mouth playing w/ Oscar. Then Beth informed me it was a bulls penis! Thx babe!

HeathEvans  "@pgroux: Wow! Met @HeathEvans and Oscar tonight. Groux girls and I both agree #nicestguy and #sweetestdoggie" Thx Penny!

sharper42 Comedy show hilarious. And whoever was at show. Imma take Sheryl underwood home. Lol

T_Porter22 Movie was really gets # from me

usama_young28  Been a great day with the fam. Congrats to my little sis @thomasina_319 and all the other graduates. Keep up the good work!

sharper42 Told y'all.

alexbrown96 It makes you wonder.... He is pretty damn good... LeBron James is the next Michael Jordan - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN

Mark_Ingram22  Chillin w my homies @theonlybmitch @RAMBO_YOUKNOW27

Mark_Ingram22  "@Magnanimous_K: Don't you hate when you text someone but never send it.... Is that only me?"<----I feel you cuz

moosedenied Pork butts in the smoker, b******! Yeah, it's gonna be a good day. Later on, I fully intend to mess around and get a triple-double.

HeathEvans  "@LegendQuotes: "Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them." ~ Henry Ford"

drewbrees  Let's all make sure we recognize the true meaning of Memorial Day. Paying tribute to military & those who have died defending our country

LanceMoore16 Gonna be on wwl radio this morn @ 1015c if anybody wants to listen in

NateBUSSEY Lol that was Freshmen year RT @bigdre62250 @NateBUSSEYsince u bring up memories this was my screen saver 4 a

T_Porter22  Some ppl act like they ish don't stank, that's y they get the head nod and I keep it moving

moosedenied Boing.

alexbrown96  I see Hard Knocks is finding it very hard to get a team to commit to them for this coming season. Sucks for them lol

HeathEvans #2ndChance to be like these luckywinners! Come join the Saints at practice! $2 raffle tix at

Mark_Ingram22  Today is about to be a good day

Mark_Ingram22  Man I'm about to go play #CallofDuty, I need to knock this rust off lol


Saints Stuff

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