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Fleur-de-Links: May 3, 2011


Jonathan Vilma
feels gd to be around the guys again, we're working towards sumthin gr8!

Malcolm Jenkins
Its great to be back around the team again
Andrew Brandt
by j_bushrod7475
In Judge Nelson's stay denial, she said it "unlikely" that appeal would be heard prior to the start of NFL season. Now it is June 3rd.

Lance Moore
Hope everyone is having a great day. Getting things done puts a smile on my face.

Adam Schefter
Still no ruling on the stay that will determine whether there's free agency soon -- or whether lights on league will go out until July.

Albert Breer
by JasonLaCanfora
Eighth circuit grants the NFL's request for an expedited hearing. Will hear the appeal starting June 3 in St. Louis.

Albert Breer
by JasonLaCanfora
The June 3 appeal hearing, in St. Louis before Judges Bye, Colloton, and Benton, will include 30-minute oral arguments from both sides.

Albert Breer
by JasonLaCanfora
Folks ... This setting of dates does NOT mean the stay-on-appeal is going one way or another. We're still waiting on that one.

Adam Schefter
Circle June 3 on your calendear. 8th circuit has granted owners' request for expedited appeal, and it will be heard that day in St. Louis.

Adam Schefter
Rulings on expedited appeals typically come 30-45 days after, so it looks like we'll be into July before sides get legal ruling they want.

Reggie Bush
Ok no Obama didn't physically capture Bin Laden but does he get points for making the call to go in and get him? Or not? Just thoughts!

Reggie Bush
No lie though I wanna meet the Navy Seals crew that executed the operation in capturing Bin Laden! Whoa!

Reggie Bush
Can you imagine the stories the will be telling their kids and grandchildren! Might be the coolest parents on this earth!

Reggie Bush
Since Obama is responsible for the capture and death of Bin Laden, where does this rank him amongst Presidents thus far?

Jeff Duncan
Brees on Ingram: "He adds an awesome element to an already impressive backfield that we have. ...That’s four guys that are pretty lethal."

Jeff Duncan
Brees said he didn't expect players rehabbing injuries -- Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, Jon Casillas, etc. -- to be in attendance.

Jeff Duncan
Unsurpisingly, Shaun Rogers was not in attendance with today. He hardly practiced with Browns during the regular season last year.

Jeff Duncan
Drew Brees' personal trainer Todd Durkin is running the workouts, with assistance from Tulane strength & conditioning staffers.

Jeff Duncan
Interesting and good to see Randall Gay in attendance today. Asked if he was feeling OK, he smiled and said "I'm here aren't I?"

Jeff Duncan
Didn't see any rookies in attendance today although Johnny Patrick presumably was there. Can not confirm though.



New Orleans Saints 2011 Draft Information Packet

Saints Support Special Olympics, Sol Bol Event

New Orleans Saintsation 2011-12 Team Announced

Saints work out at Tulane

Saints workout - Video

Locked out Saints get together for workouts - New Orleans Saints -
Close to 40 Saints players have gotten together to work out at practice fields and weight rooms at Tulane.

Drew Brees says workouts put Saints "way ahead of other teams" | ProFootballTalk
We noted this morning that the Saints, led by Drew Brees, are getting together for the first time today for a series of organized workouts. After this morning's session, which 37 players attended, Brees said he thinks the Saints are going to be ahead of the rest of the league when the lockout ends.

Locked out Saints get together for workouts | Saints | — Baton Rouge, LA

Saints gather for unofficial workout at Tulane University | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
A group of more than 35 players affiliated with the Saints worked out together at Tulane University’s practice football field Tuesday morning, one of the first unofficial workouts since the lockout began in early March.

Nearly 40 New Orleans Saints players band together for organized workout |
Quarterback Drew Brees, veteran leaders plan to work out into June, if necessary

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees said he reached out to tailback Reggie Bush |
"I saw his tweet, just like you did," Brees said Tuesday. "I think that's just frustration a little bit, just because, they draft a guy at your position, but I think the message that was sent to him was, 'By no means look at that as the fact that you're getting shown the door, that we don't want you or anything like that.'

Around the NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The Saints are getting together for some workouts at Tulane University. As you might have guessed, quarterback Drew Brees is running the show. Josh Freeman's been leading a similar effort for the Bucs.

Unfazed by lockout, Drew Brees is gathering New Orleans Saints to work out at Tulane as a team |
"This is for us," Stinchcomb said. "It's not for show, it's not for looking good for the fans or management. "We want to make progress. We want to motivate each other. The guys can really push each other."

Reggie Bush: Time is running out for Saints running back in New Orleans after Mark Ingram pick IS New Orleans Sports and beyond. We cover the Saints, Hornets, LSU Tigers, Tulane Green Wave, High School Sports and everything in between.



Eighth circuit grants NFL’s request for expedited hearing | ProFootballTalk
As the football world awaits for the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals to rule on the NFL's request for a stay of injunction to lift the lockout, the court has granted another request.

Same judges who are handling stay request will handle appeal | ProFootballTalk
Still unknown is whether Judge Benton and Judge Colloton will decide to grant the full stay. If only one of them agrees with Judge Bye, the lockout will be lifted pending resolution of the appeal. If both judges find that the stay should be granted, there will be a whole lot of nothing going on in the NFL between now and the resolution of the appeal.

Packers move forward with Super Bowl rings, despite lockout | ProFootballTalk
In March, Bill Pennington of the New York Times reported that the Packers had not yet ordered Super Bowl rings, because they were not able to consult with the players regarding the design of the rings.

Fox: Broncos will address defensive tackle, running back in free agency | ProFootballTalk
As we mentioned last night, the draft didn't exactly fill the needs of every team.  The Broncos, for instance, had one of the worst-looking defensive tackle groups in the league and then didn't add to the position. Broncos coach John Fox knows it, and plans to address the problem in free agency.