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Fleur-de-Links: Memorial Day 2011


Garrett Hartley
Chase Daniel



Sunday Conversation with ... New Orleans Saints DL Anthony Hargrove
Being at the top of a respective sport is not lost to New Orleans Saints' defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove. - Lockout limbo: Saints report
The Saints will be relatively unharmed by the lockout thanks to QB Drew Brees' steady leadership.

Colston, Nicks Ranked in the Top 55 of NFL Network's "Top 100 Players of 2011"

Saints Nation: Carl Nicks and Marques Colston Named to Top 100 NFL Players | May

New Orleans Saints tight end Dave Thomas talks about teammate Jimmy Graham - Video |
New Orleans Saints tight end Dave Thomas talks about his teammate and fellow tight end Jimmy Graham from the team's workouts last week. Thomas was called by quarterback Drew Brees: "one of the best teammates I've ever had" was the subject of a story by Mike Triplett on Saturday.


AROUND THE LEAGUE: news: The NFL's top 10 jersey numbers of all time

The Gruden-to-Columbus talk already begins | ProFootballTalk
Well, we'd been looking for an NFL hook to the stunning-but-not-shocking decision of Ohio State coach Jim Tressel to resign.  Thanks to Mike Freeman of, we've found one.

Rams kick in $25,000 for tornado relief efforts | ProFootballTalk
Last week, when the Kansas City Chiefs donated $35,000 to the Joplin, Missouri tornado relief efforts, some of you wondered whether the St. Louis Rams would do the same. Others of you wondered why a billion-dollar business like the Chiefs was coughing up only $35,000.

Former player thinks current players worry too much about money | ProFootballTalk
Memorial Day primarily gives us an annual occasion to remember the critically important contributions of those who served in the military.  But it's also a good day to generally recall the past, and 86-year-old former NFL player Sherman Howard has shared with the Chicago Tribune recollections of a ...



Player-Led Workouts | The Onion Sports Network
In a normal year, most NFL teams would be starting their minicamps right now. With the lockout in effect, some players have taken the initiative to organize workouts on their own, with varying degrees of success.

  • Albert Haynesworth: 15 reps of breakfast
  • Buffalo Bills: Ryan Fitzpatrick organized a specialized passing practice at his house, during which teammates could come over and teach him how to properly throw the ball