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Remembering the 2009 Saints Championship Season: Video Therapy

To help lighten up some of the tension around here lately, though I think Dr. Melfi would be happy with the progress we're making in our Airing of Grievances thread, I figured it would be a good idea to forget the lockout for a moment and remember instead the greatest time in all our lives, the Saints 2009 Super Bowl championship season.

And there is no better way to do that then through the four part series found on YouTube titled Mission: Miami. I don't know who created these videos but I would like to shake their hand because they are the best I've ever seen about the Saints championship season. The editing is great, the music selection is superb and, of course, the subject matter is spectacular.

So set aside 20 minutes or so, grab a drink and some popcorn (perhaps a box of tissues also), turn down the lights and relive the magic. I promise you will feel infinitely better when you're finished.