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Fleur-de-Links: May 31, 2011


Scott Shanle
Lance Moore
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moosedenied " Blog Archive " Rock ‘n’ Roll All Knight

NFL Career in Limbo: LB Shanle restless but understanding of players' hard-line stance IS New Orleans Sports and beyond. We cover the Saints, Hornets, LSU Tigers, Tulane Green Wave, High School Sports and everything in between.

New Orleans Saints 2011 NFL Draft Review " NFL Mocks | Covering the 2011 NFL Draft & Your #1 NFL Mock Draft Database

Saints Nation: Does Devery Henderson Have a Future in New Orleans? | May



League will consider allowing more teams to cover unsold seats | ProFootballTalk
NFL owners unexpectedly learned last week that the league's season-ticket sales have moved at a brisker pace in 2011 than 2010, despite the lockout.  Even more unexpectedly, the owners also discussed last week the possibility of allowing teams to cover up seats in order to ensure that TV blackouts ...

Hall of Famer Andy Robustelli passes away at age 85 | ProFootballTalk
Seven time All Pro player and Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive end Andy Robustelli passed away Tuesday at the age of 85, according to the Stamford Advocate. A 19th-round draft pick of the Rams, Robustelli was a longshot for football greatness after playing collegiately at Arnold College.

Chiefs anxious to get undrafted players in the fold | ProFootballTalk
Earlier today, MDS pointed out that undrafted players are getting a little stressed.  Teams that rely on undrafted players are getting a little stressed, too. The Chiefs presumably are one of those teams.

Sam Farmer doesn’t see Carolina as a potential tenant for L.A. stadium | ProFootballTalk
Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times joined PFT Live earlier today to discuss the status of the stadium effort in L.A.  We teed it off (or is it up?) by talking about recent comments from Albert Breer of NFL Network pegging the Panthers as a potential team to play in L.A.

NFLPA* plans a rookie symposium of its own | ProFootballTalk
A week after the rookie symposium became the first casualty of the NFL lockout, the NFLPA* has decided to host its own version of the annual event. Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the event will take place June 28-29 in Washington, D.C. NFLPA* spokesman George Atallah told SI.

NFC South links: Panthers players work out - NFC South Blog - ESPN

100 days until regular season starts, or doesn’t | ProFootballTalk
As Adam Schefter of ESPN points out on his Twitter page, only 100 days remain until the Saints and Packers are scheduled to square off at Lambeau Field on Thursday, September 8 to launch the 2011 season.

Peyton Manning's neck not a concern for Bill Polian, Colts - Peter King -
I THINK THAT DEPENDS ON HOW GOOD THE PLAYER IS. "Did you see Drew Brees' comments in Jim Trotter's article? It got me thinking about the long-term ramifications for the most outspoken players during the lockout. Will Brees and others be at risk for some level of black-balling by owners down the road? If I were a player, this would be a real concern.'' --Jim, Galveston, Texas If the comments by Brees were made by Chase Daniel, I would say the comments might (might) have some bearing on his future employment. But players aren't going to be affected by what they say now, unless they're marginal. And Drew Brees is not marginal.

NFL owners have more time to consider than players in labor matter -
Key date: It's tempting to say June 3, when the 8th Circuit will hear oral arguments in the NFL 's appeal of the lockout-lifting decision in District Court. But it's likely to take at least two weeks for that three-judge panel to issue a ruling, so a better key date is three weeks before the Sept. 8 kickoff game between New Orleans and Green Bay — say Aug. 15. At a minimum, teams would need that much time to train for the start of the season. If camps are still closed at that point, you can bet games will either be pushed back or scrubbed.