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Saints Draft Picks 2011: Connect with the Newest Saints Players


The internet is a many splendored thing. Obviously, it's allowed me to fulfill my writing fantasies and brought us all together here to talk about our favorite NFL team, the Saints, on a daily basis. But it's also pretty sweet because it's broken down the walls between us and our football idols through platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

There are now six new members in the Who Dat Nation as part of the Saints 2011 draft class and they are all accessible to fans via the internet in some form or fashion. For those interested but who haven't done so yet, I've got all the information you need to get connected with the rookies after the jump.

When you start following these guys on Twitter or become a fan of their official pages on Facebook, be sure to send them a message and tell them Canal Street Chronicles sent you. If we get enough guys to do that, I'm certain the players will take notice and that will go a long way in helping us here at CSC build a relationship with each of them and hopefully get an interview or two.

So make the jump to find out how you can connect with the newest members of the Black & Gold and learn a little bit about their online presence.

On Twitter:

Cameron Jordan - @camjordan97 - Possibly my favorite of the new bunch. He's responded to at least one of my tweets already and it appears he puts a good amount of effort responding to as many people as possible.

Mark Ingram - @Mark_Ingram22 - Naturally, Ingram has the most followers of the bunch with over 40,000. He seems to be really excited about getting drafted by the Saints because he's been tweeting a lot of Saints inspired stuff about playing in the Super Dome, Who Dat Nation and screaming, "Who Dat." I like it.

Martez Wilson - @TezWilson2 - He doesn't tweet much at all but he used his last one to tell Saints fans that he plans on working hard when he gets to New Orleans.

Johnny Patrick - @JohnnyP019 - Patrick tweets a fair amount and yesterday was telling us about his first experiences in New Orleans and meeting his teammates. Based on the people he follows and who he chooses to respond to, I'm going to say that Johnny really likes the ladies. Can't blame a dude.

Greg Romeus - @GregRomeus91 - In addition to a pretty solid Facebook page, Romeus also has a Twitter account. He's good for a few tweets per day but nothing too exciting. Not many followers so show him some love.

Nate Bussey - @NateBUSSEY - Also a pretty active tweeter and like Jordan, seems to do a good job of responding to lots of people. He has the fewest followers of the Saints rookie draft class with only about 1,600 so help him out and follow him.

On Facebook:

Mark Ingram has a page on Facebook that already has a ton of likes. I'm not sure it's official or owned by him, but it certainly appears to be. Go ahead and post a message on his Wall.

Martez Wilson has a "Super" fan page set up on Facebook and it appears to be official. His last update was this past Sunday. He's only got 370 likes so be sure to check him out and add him to your feed.

Johnny Patrick's official Facebook fan page - So far, only 41 people like his page so let's all give him some love.

Greg Romeus has a pretty decent Facebook fan page and it looks like it's definitely official. He's already got over 1,000 likes and his wall is cluttered with tons of Saints fans welcoming him to Who Dat Nation. Be sure to do the same.

On Tumblr:

Both Illinois linebackers Martez Wilson and Nate Bussey have their own personal blogs of sorts using the Tumblr platform:

Follow Martez Wilson's journey to the NFL Draft

Former Illini LB NATE BUSSEY chasing the NFL Dream

They're both pretty up to date, with posts from a week ago, but nothing since they've been drafted. Hopefully they keep up with their blogging duties now that they're big NFL superstars. If you use Tumblr you can go ahead and follow them, otherwise feel free to add them to your RSS feed for any updates.