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City of Toronto Trying to Steal Saints Franchise

It seems our neighbors to the north are getting a little restless when it comes to waiting for an NFL franchise and are already planning an attempt to raid New Orleans of it's beloved team.

Last week NFL Canada told Toronto councillor Doug Ford that his city is "right up there on the list" of cities awaiting NFL teams. Apparently, that's all Ford needed to hear to continue feeding his seemingly insatiable hunger for an NFL franchise. Brad Gagnon from The Score sat down with Ford, who candidly made public his plans for NFL domination...

"Two teams are kind of in play here: Jacksonville's number one; New Orleans is the other. So there's two teams. Once they take care of Los Angeles, we're going to fly over to New York, set up a meeting with [NFL commissioner Roger] Goodell and give him our pitch."

Woah, buddy! Slow down! You know there's a lockout right? Can we take care of that problem first before we start telling you that you can't have our team. Does Drew know about this?

Part of Ford's plan, of course, is to build a brand new stadium or renovate an existing one, funded mostly through personal seat licenses, to accommodate a future Super Bowl.

But the big question for Saints fans is simple: why the hell does Ford consider the Saints an option for relocation? Does he know something we don't? Has he already had talks with Benson about a move?

Doubtful. My guess is that he's just not very up-to-date on his New Orleans current events and still thinks our city is suffering severely in the aftermath of Katrina. Hell, I bet he thinks we're still underwater.

He doesn't know that our city and our team are doing great. He doesn't know that the Superdome has been sold out every year since 2006. He doesn't know there are now 50,000 people on the waiting list for season tickets. He doesn't know that Forbes magazine just listed New Orleans as the second best big city for jobs, up 44 spots from last year. I think Mr. Ford might want to do a little more research before jumping into this too hastily.

Hey, I don't mind seeing an NFL team in Canada, I really don't. It just ain't gonna be my team. Back up off me, Toronto. Ya heard?