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Fleur-de-Links: May 6, 2011


Lockout stay ruling not expected before Monday: A U.S. Court of Appeals court c...

Malcolm Jenkins
Check out my Mom ...shes a special lady!!!
Usama Young
All nighter! RT @: Has it really come to this?

Adam Schefter
Michael Gans, 8th Circuit Court Clerk in St. Louis, said he does not expect a ruling on stay today or through weekend. Monday is earliest.

Chase Daniel
Can anyone help us out..trying to find a pool in downtown New Orleans that we can kick it at and get some rays?!

deuce mcallister
Had to remind OOMF in this world hard work will get you to the top but in some cases u buy your way to the top.

Adam Schefter
Champion sports apparel company has ended its endorsement deal with Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall over Twitter remarks.

NFLPlayerNews Falcons | Not concerned about Julio Jones being a bust

Limited number of tickets are still available for the Saints Hall of Fame Reception (Sunday, May 15)

Reggie Bush
Don't you hate when people tell jokes but the joke is funnier to them then it is to you? Like they laugh all loud and make it weird!

Adam Schefter
Remember this guy? RT @: Brett Favre in Mississippi: 'I'm starting a new career':



Undrafted Free Agent Mark Herzlich: Good Fit For New Orleans Saints? " Who Dat Dish | A New Orleans Saints Blog
Undrafted Free Agent Mark Herzlich: Good Fit For New Orleans Saints?

Impact Players Will Come In Free Agency, Not Just Draft For Saints " Who Dat Dish | A New Orleans Saints Blog
Who will the Saint's be able to pick up this year in free agency. While our draft looks very good, can we get a couple high quality veterans?

YouTube - Cam Jordan Post Draft Presser at NFLPA Rookie Debut
Cam Jordan takes questions from reporters at the NFLPA's Rookie Debut media availability after being selected by the New Orleans Saints with the 24th overall...

Your Call: Reggie Bush's future - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Moments after the Saints drafted running back Mark Ingram last week, Reggie Bush sent out a farewell message to New Orleans via Twitter. Bush apparen

YouTube - Drew Brees Training Camp 101
Heath Evans gives an insider's perspective on the Saints players workout at Tulane

Toronto Councillor admits he had no clue what he was talking about regarding Saints | ProFootballTalk
One day after suggesting the Saints were on a short list of possible teams that could relocate to Toronto, Councillor Doug Ford apologized, admitting he was speaking out of his ass out of turn.

Saints Hall of Fame Golf Sold Out: Reception Tickets Remain



Reviewing film of the NFC South chat - NFC South Blog - ESPN
As always, lots of great questions and we covered lots of ground in Friday’s NFC South chat. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Report: Vikings "very, very close" to Arden Hills stadium deal | ProFootballTalk
The latest turn in the long-winding search for a Vikings stadium plan has the team looking to the suburbs of Arden Hills. Once considered a long shot to be the stadium site, Dave Orrick of the St.

Cowboys Stadium manager steps aside | ProFootballTalk
Jack Hill, the stadium manager for Cowboys Stadium, has resigned and will leave the position on June 1, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Hill has been the public face of the stadium and handled the transformation for Super Bowl XLV, which was one of the most embarrassing and poorly pla...

A theory on the delay in the ruling on the motion for a stay | ProFootballTalk
Earlier this week, the Clerk of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit suggested that the court may not rule at all on the NFL's pending motion to stay the lifting of the lockout while the appeal of Judge Nelson's decision to end the lockout proceeds.

Brett Favre on future plans: "I really don’t know" | ProFootballTalk
Brett Favre filed his retirement papers back in January.   It doesn't come as a big surprise he isn't sure what he'll do with his life in retirement just yet. "I don't know.  I really don't know.  It could be coaching.  It could be TV.  Both of those are unlikely anytime soon.

Steve Smith frustrated with both owners and NFLPA* | ProFootballTalk
Panthers receiver Steve Smith reportedly wants to play somewhere other than Carolina in 2011. He's getting sick of having to wait to find out where that is. Smith told Steve Reed of that he finds the lockout "frustrating," and that he has no idea what to expect for 2011.

Broncos' plans for working out depend on NFL lockout ruling - The Denver Post
"Our situation is different from that of the Saints," Dawkins said. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has organized self-run practices this week for 37 players at Tulane Stadium. Brees and many Saints players have been executing the plays of Saints coach Sean Payton for the past five years. Broncos players, though, have not run through a play designed by coach John Fox, who was hired in January. Players did receive Fox's new playbook for the first time last Friday, when the lockout was lifted for about 10 hours. But the players have not had coaches teach them how to run those plays.