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Peter Schrager's 2012 Mock Draft Got Me Thinking

In my early-morning story search for today's Fleur-de-Links post, I came across this piece by Peter Schrager on, containing his ridiculously early 2012 mock draft.

As the above headline might lead you to believe, it got me thinking.

Make the jump to read just what exciting, timely, and unquestionably significant train of thought resulted from this confluence of on-line story and "writer-under-deadline."

Schrager's article acknowledges the "too soon-ness" of a 2012 mock draft, but then proceeds to lay it all out anyway.

Yes, I know. Constructing a 2012 mock draft in May 2011 is beyond absurd. It's ridiculous. Hell, it's borderline pathetic.

Pathetic? Absurd? Sign me up, Mr. Schrager!

He then discusses some of the hits and misses of his early 2011 mock and heads into the 2012 first-round picks with this:

With that, I present you the first of several 2012 NFL mock drafts. This one has all draft eligible underclassmen entering next year's draft. Enjoy, sickos.

And now I'm a sicko. What's not to love about this so far? Just wait.

What I found most interesting is the indirect 2011 Saints prediction that is required to complete this 2012 mock draft.

I went into this eagerly looking for it, and once my eyes found the New England Patriots picking at #28 (and not 32!!) with our traded pick, I began drooling in anticipation - "ooh, picking at 28 - so he doesn't think we'll win the Super Bowl. Chump!"

28. New England Patriots (via New Orleans Saints) - Donte Paige-Moss, DE/OLB, North Carolina: Getting the Saints' first-round pick from the Mark Ingram trade, New England very well could trade this selection, too. If they keep it, look for them to address the pass rush and select Paige-Moss, the 6-4, 250-pound pass rusher out of North Carolina.

But you have to read the next selection to see exactly how he sees our 2011 season ending...

29. Dallas Cowboys - Andre Branch, DE, Clemson: Welcome back to the playoffs, Cowboys. With a healthy Tony Romo, Dallas makes it back to the postseason, beating the Saints in a divisional-round shootout, only to fall to the Packers up in Lambeau Field in the NFC championship game. With the defensive line needing a young talent up front, Jerry Jones and company grab Branch, the 6-5, 260-pound talent out of Clemson.

OK, there it is. He has us doing well enough in the regular season, but then dropping one to the 'Boys in the divisional playoffs. Further, Schrager has the Packers assuming the "Dynasty" mantle I'm hoping Wingramania is leading us to.

So, what do you think of this guy's prediction? Do you like it? Do you think it might happen?

But even better, what are your ridiculously early predictions for the Saints in 2011? I know there's no 2011 NFL season remotely close to happening, so not only is this early, but it's also foolhardy and mostly pointless beyond the obvious entertainment value.

Spell it out in the comment section - Saints regular season record, playoff end result, etc. You can even predict a shortened season (10-3, and NFC South champs, anyone?) and describe how you see the labor deal getting settled.

I can't wait to read what comes next from y'all - Oh boy, is this going to be great!