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NFL Draft Results 2011: National Football Post Loves the Saints Draft Class

The folks over at the National Football Post are still discussing the 2011 NFL Draft and even a week later they're still pretty high on the Saints drafting performance. 

Yesterday Dan Pompei put together the Post's weekly Sunday NFL Blitz article and twice did he praise the Saints. First of all, he's a fan of the move to trade up and snag running back Mark Ingram, based on next years lack of RB prospects:

Trading a 2012 first round pick to select Mark Ingram was a high price for the Saints, but it made sense on a number of levels. One reason Ingram was especially appealing is the 2012 crop of running backs looks very pedestrian. There likely will not be many Mark Ingrams to be had next year, so if the Saints wanted an elite back, now was the time to get one.    

On top of that Ingram selection, Pompei is a fan of the Saints entire draft class and listed them as one of seven teams who should get an immediate impact from their newest players: 

Saints - They might have helped themselves more than anyone for 2011. Cameron Jordan and Mark Ingram are preseason candidates for defensive and offensive rookies of the year. Not sure if Martez Wilson will be a quick impact guy, but Johnny Patrick could be. Greg Romeus, who at one point was considered first round timber, could even be a surprise.    

Also, on Friday, NFP's Wes Bunting released his 2011 All-Rookie team projections and wouldn't you know it, the Saints have two players that make the cut, one on each side of the ball:

RB Mark Ingram: New Orleans Saints

Depending on how many touches head coach Sean Payton elects to give Ingram in the run game, the guy has the ability to be a 1,300-plus yard back in that offense.    

DL Cameron Jordan: New Orleans Saints

Jordan gives the Saints a lot of versatility up front and can rush from a number of spots in nickel situations. Should make an impact vs. both the run and pass this year.    

That's a lot of love from one publication over one weekend but you won't get any arguments from me. I can't say I disagree with any of it. On paper and from outward appearances, the Saints struck gold during last weeks NFL Draft. Anyone disagree? Anyone? Bueller?