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Fleur-De-Links: Saturday, June 11


reggie_bush Reggie Bush Congrats to @MikeTyson on being selected to the Boxing Hall of Fame!

JohnnyP019 Johnny Patrick Goodmorning....

dkaplanSBJ daniel kaplan Told optimism is so high in NFL, players talks over labor deal that expectation is for a framework agreement in about two weeks

SportsLawGuy Gabe Feldman As @adbrandt might say, hope floats MT @dkaplanSBJ: Told optimism is so high, expectation is for a framework NFL agreement in about two wks

j_bushrod7475 Jermon Bushrod Does anyone know what June 11th in king George is?? Anyone?? Jermon Bushrod day duhhh lmao.. What am I doing (cont)

Official_Saints New Orleans Saints RESULTS from our Social Media Poll "When playing Madden, how often do you play as the Saints?: 3,440 votes ... (cont)

Official_Saints New Orleans Saints Screenshot of Coach Payton & Drew Brees in Madden 12

ChaseDaniel Chase Daniel In Target picking up a birthday gift for 1 of our TE's kids! I'm going to get him NERF guns! I remember I used to drive my mom crazy w those

T_Porter22 Tracy Porter June 24th @usama_young28 hosts fball camp @ Largo High School. Great exposure for the youth. Yall should attend, I know I will.

camjordan97 cameron jordan Woke up like what's up...

camjordan97 cameron jordan I dont know when. I finally got to Sleep this mornin but I jus woke up super refreshed mornin #whodatnation today's a good to headed 2 d gym (HansDat note - it took Jordan 4 tries to get this tweet right)

camjordan97 cameron jordan Gotta work out like it's my last, till I can't lift no mo,short shuttles till my knees wobble lol work to be great and never be satisfied

LanceMoore16 Lance Moore Love my family and friends, both old n new. This ones to saturday folks. #raisesbrew lol

Mark_Ingram22 Mark Ingram I had a great day in Tuscaloosa with FEMA!! It was great being able to help out and bring smiles to faces!! Anyone that can help, please do!

Mark_Ingram22 Mark Ingram So much destruction here! I'm glad I could be a support system for everyone who supported me while I was at Alabama!! #WeAreAlabama rolltide

T_Porter22 Tracy Porter I'm n Slidell about to smash this Waffle House b4 the signing

JohnnyP019 Johnny Patrick I need to find kings of comedy.... Man I laughed whole time....

Mark_Ingram22 Mark Ingram Bad business.... Smh

Mark_Ingram22 Mark Ingram #NP Nate Dogg #RickRoss

ChaseDaniel Chase Daniel I just donated $1,000 to the "United for Joplin" project to support the Joplin tornado victims. I encourage everyone to give as well!

j_bushrod7475 Jermon Bushrod Graduation cookout for Lil cuz.. Bushrod style cookout #family

jgoody76 jonathan goodwin Just gotta a good workout in. Now time to get a hair cut.

jgoody76 jonathan goodwin Lmao at these NBA conspiracy theories in the barbershop.

usama_young28 Usama Young Nobody told me there's no bunting in softball!


Saints Stuff

New Orleans Saints QB Chase Daniel reflects on his relief work in tornado stricken Joplin, Mo. |
James Varney - Chase Daniel earns his livelihood as a quarterback in the NFL, and that means his job and his paycheck are currently under something of a cloud given a labor dispute that has led to a league-wide shutdown. His problems, Daniel said Friday, are nothing. (CSC shoutout to SaintsChick for posting this earlier)

Mark Ingram Teams Up with FEMA In Alabama Tomorrow | Pro Player Insiders
Staff Report - Local legend Mark Ingram returns to Alabama June 11 to visit the cities of Tuscaloosa, Holt and Alberta City as part of the "FEMA for a Day" initiative.

Saints Host Special Teams Clinic |
Staff report - New Orleans Saints special teams coordinator Greg McMahon took a day out of his time to host a clinic that tutored high school coaches exclusively on the fundamentals and the strategies of the kicking game at the team’s Metairie practice facility on Friday, June 10.

Mascot Gumbo Participates in LIVE UNITED Campaign |
United Way news release.

Fleur-De-Facts: Quarterbacks |
Staff report - A look at the three Saints signal callers.


Labor Pains

Communications continuing between not-so-secret meetings | ProFootballTalk
Florio - And yet another small piece of good news emerges regarding the 91-day-old lockout. At a time when when NFL and the NFLPA* are engaging in not-so-secret negotiating sessions, they also are engaging in not-so-secret communications beyond the confines of the meetings.

League, players continue to talk between face-to-face meetings |
Albert Breer - The NFL and players plan to return to the bargaining table next week and both parties have been maintaining communication in between the face-to-face meetings, another sign of the seriousness of these talks.

Brian Frederick: Seriously, Mr. Goodell, Spare Us |
Brian Frederick (Exec. Director - Sports Fans Coalition) - We're officially down the rabbit hole. Ninety days into the lockout and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is now trying to convince fans that the lockout is in their best interests. Thanks, but no thanks.



1987 NFL replacement players - a generation of fans doesn't know about them |
Elizabeth Merrill - There are no endearing stories in the 2011 NFL lockout. Suits walk into a New York City hotel for a secret meeting, emerge with very little information, and the wait continues.

Breaking down running backs: Tampa Bay - NFC South Blog |
Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson examines the state of the running back corps for each NFC South team.

Hawaii governor says $4 million 'bribe' for Pro Bowl is wasteful |
Associated Press - Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie said Thursday it's "so stupid" that the cash-strapped state pays millions to play host to the Pro Bowl when the money could be used for education.

Could It Be? Rudy Is 3! - WWL | AM870 | FM105.3
Deke Bellavia's ode to fatherhood.


V-Roll Roll Call

32 in 32: Saints |
Video featuring Darren Sharper talking about the Saints' playoff loss and how the team can bounce back in 2011 on "NFL Total Access."

Video: The Coach-Player Dynamic |

(CSC shoutout to anyone who may have already posted these video links - I've had a long work week with many extra-late nights at the J O B, so I haven't been on CSC much at nights...)