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Ridiculously Early 2011 Saints Roster Breakdown: Tight End

We're getting close to finishing up our early examination of the Saints roster by position and today we're talking tight ends. The Saints are currently thin at TE and the competition isn't nearly as fierce as other positions on the team so this won't take too long. Keep in mind, I would expect the Saints to add more players before training camp begins.

Right now, however, there are four players currently set to battle it out for a job this summer/fall. We're ignoring any free agency or lockout implications that exist or may arise in the near future and assuming everyone get's re-signed. Make the jump to see exactly who's currently listed on the roster and to get my opinion on where they stand as far as their chances of making the team this year. Of course I want to hear your opinions on the subject as well.


Jimmy Graham, David Thomas

If we're to believe all the hype surrounding Jimmy Graham thus far this off-season, he might very well be the best tight end in the league in 2011. Whether that's true or not, and I don't think it is, the starting job is certainly his to lose. Assuming the Saints re-sign him, David Thomas is a shoe-in for the second tight end roster spot and right now, there's not really anyone threatening to take it away from him.



On the Bubble

Tyler Lorenzen, Tory Humphrey

As it stands now, these two guys will be battling it out for that third, and probably final, spot on the Saints roster. Should be interesting to watch and like many position battles, it will probably depend heavily on special teams contributions. Humphrey is a veteran with some playing experience and blocking know-how while Lorenzen is younger and has the opportunity to develop further, though he might spend another year stashed away on the practice squad. Could go either way.