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Fleur-De-Links: Saturday, June 18


Mark_Ingram22 Mark Ingram Feels good to b home...

camjordan97 cameron jordan I'm da back seat baby boy 21 plain look and listen but don't talk lop listening to boys in da game talkin bout the evolution all in saginaw

JohnnyP019 Johnny Patrick Louisville see yall in 10 hours....

JohnnyP019 Johnny Patrick Boarding....

robyslyfe Courtney Roby Mannnnnnn I wish babies came with instruction manuals..! I can honestly say it is hard work being a GREAT father, thats what I strive to be.

TylerLorenzen Tyler Lorenzen Going going back back to Cali Cali. #shipit

TylerLorenzen Tyler Lorenzen Lucked out... empty seat next to me on this 3.5 hr flight! #westside

ChaseDaniel Chase Daniel Sun Diego buddy!! See you soon RT: @TylerLorenzen: Going going back back to Cali Cali. #shipit

camjordan97 cameron jordan I'm up and at em Time to go rough house wit this kids camp out here n saginaw Michigan

JonVilma51 Jonathan Vilma lets hope for gd news tues

ChaseDaniel Chase Daniel Headed to San Diego today and who would've thought that my #AmericanAirlines flight would be delayed?! Same ole, same ole.

ChaseDaniel Chase Daniel "The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty." -Winston Churchill

reggie_bush Reggie Bush Very excited about bringing my kids camp to San Diego for the first time! Sucks that it took so long but it's gonna be a blast!!!!!

MalcolmJenkins Malcolm Jenkins Tv channels in hotels are terrible... I'm watching the Magic School Bus lol

JohnnyP019 Johnny Patrick Louisville what's up

SportsLawGuy Gabe Feldman If you like puns and the Dalai Lama (and, really, who doesn't?), you will love this: (via @deadspin)

camjordan97 cameron jordan At the kids camp today a kid asked what position I played I said, "defensive end" he said I thought you too big to play basketball...

camjordan97 cameron jordan Thing is we r at a football camp and there's no such thing n basketball so I scratched my head and told him I played rugby for saginaw high


Saints Stuff

NFL Videos: Should Bush and Saints part ways? |
Reggie Bush and the Saints say the running back will be back in 2011, but is that really the best for both parties? Eisen, McGinest and that guy that used to play OL for the Falcons discuss the dealie-oh on NFL Total Access Friday night...


NFC South

Checking film of the NFC South chat - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - I continue to be amazed and deeply appreciative of the enthusiasm of NFC South fans. We're approaching Day 100 of the lockout and we're nearing late June. But you still showed up in force and that made for a great NFC South chat on Friday. Includes link to full transcript.

Hitting the NFC South hot spots - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - Time for a plunge into the NFC South mailbag


Labor Pains

A four-point plan for ending the lockout |
This four-point proposal -- in which the players give up money so the game can expand -- is one way to end the lockout, Ross Tucker writes in his latest mailbag.

NFL lockout ending is no sure thing |
NEW YORK (AP) Reaching a labor deal soon is hardly a done deal in the NFL.

Jeff Ireland: Start of free agency will be "nuts" | ProFootballTalk
HansDat note: Ralph Malbrough's been saying this for months....and I must admit that as the idea of this gets closer and closer, I'm beginning to salivate a bit myself.

Next CBA will shake up rookie landscape |
Changes in free agency shouldn't be too dramatic under the next CBA, but the rookie pool is a different story, John Clayton writes.


NFL Lagniappe

Ken Anderson, Bengals QB, should be in Pro Football Hall of Fame |
Kerry Byrne - (HansDat note: Given the recent Brees/Ryan HOF discussions, I thought this HOF case for Ken Anderson might prove interesting...)

NFL examines sensors in helmets to measure impact of hits | ProFootballTalk
Michael David Smith - As the NFL continues to look for new ways to protect players from serious injuries in high-impact collisions, the league is looking at a high-tech solution.

These players are poised for big impacts on new teams |
Whether through trades or free agency, these players are poised for big impacts with new teams, writes Jeffri Chadiha.