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NFC South Roundup: Oh Roundup Time, Oh Roundup Time, Won't You Read this Roundup of Mine?

Another week, another NFC South roundup. Somehow, I keep finding stuff in the basement from those other NFC South SB Nation sites. I've found the best of the best from each team over the past week and compiled them here for you.

Make the jump to see more news, links, and witty analysis than you care to get your head around.

Panthers News:

Could More Talent Enter The NFL Supplemental Draft? - Cat Scratch Reader
Here's a very good look at a supplemental draft, if there is one.

Sal Paolantonio paints bright future for the Carolina Panthers - Cat Scratch Reader
"Hey, maybe they win three games this year!!!"

Steve Smith Mocks His Critics; Impressed with Newton - Cat Scratch Reader
Steve Smith: The only one impressed with Newton.

Bucs News:

Barrett Ruud Calls A Great Defense, But A Replacement Doesn't Need To - Bucs Nation
So the Bucs are losing their version of Jonathan Vilma but also losing a guy like Jason David. Kind of a wash for the Saints.

Josh Freeman Wants To Throw 0 Interceptions - Bucs Nation
And I want Alison Brie, Scarlet Johanson, and Mila Kunis to come to my house and "entertain" me. Neither are happening.

The Bucs Can't Stop The Run - Except When It Really Counts - Bucs Nation
Just like Pepto Bismol.

Falcons News:

Matt Ryan to Canton? - The Falcoholic
In case you haven't seen BCS's fanshot of this already, this article was actually a fanpost that got bumped. And unlike the slightly misleading headline, it does not consist of "Herp-derp Matt Ryan awesome, HOF bound after only three years." It's actually an in-depth look at Ryan's stats compared to other HOF-bound QB's/HOF QB's. It's some scary stuff.

Osi Umenyiora To Falcons? The Rumors Explode - The Falcoholic
As does my head at the thought of a solid DE with great pass rushing skills heading to the dirty birds.

Corey Peters Turns To Yoga To Stay In Shape - The Falcoholic
It also helps reduce stress. Like when you're part of a unit that gave up over 40 points in the playoffs AT YOUR OWN STADIUM. Oh wait, that's not stressful, that was awesome.