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Ridiculously Early 2011 Saints Roster Breakdown: Defensive Tackle

Next up in our incredibly early roster autopsy are the big guys in middle of the defensive line, the tackles. There are seven players currently set to battle it out for a job this summer/fall, including a few young, new names you may not even know. Keep in mind that some players are versatile enough to play defensive tackle or defensive end and should probably be considered for both.

We're ignoring any free agency or lockout implications that exist or may arise in the near future and assuming everyone get's re-signed. Make the jump to see exactly who's currently listed on the roster and to get my opinion on where they stand as far as their chances of making the team this year. Of course I want to hear your opinions on the subject as well.


Sedrick Ellis

Ellis, now entering his fourth season, continues to get better with each year. The former first round draft pick is definitely a lock to make the roster and once again start for the Saints. No questions here.


Shaun Rogers, Anthony Hargrove, Remi Ayodele

The veteran tackle is most likely a sure thing but he is getting up there in age which is why the Browns released him in the first place. Assuming his transition to a new team and his return to a 4-3 defense goes smoothly, Rogers is likely a starter.

Ayodele started all 16 games for the Saints in 2010. Even if he loses that starting spot this season, Remilekun is still likely to make the roster.

Though his production dropped off a bit last year as compared to the 2009 championship season, Anthony Hargrove is still a fan favorite with his high motor and his Cinderella story background. Most importantly, Hargrove's value comes from his versatility at playing either tackle or end. Assuming he gets re-signed, I think he's got a good chance at making the roster again.

On the Bubble



Miller Swanson, Mitch King, Tom Johnson

Recognize any of these names? Me either. All three of these guys have only been in the league a year or less and were each signed to reserve/futures contracts in January. King probably has the most experience, having played four games with Indianapolis. It's highly unlikely, however, that any of them will crack the final roster this year.