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Canal Street Chronicles: The Replacements


Goodbye, Canal Street Chronicles.

In keeping with our Fast Five theme of 'replacements' this morning, I'm here to announce that I myself will be replaced by my blogging colleagues for the next week or so.  

No, no, it's not permanent. You wish! As you read this I am already on my way to Vancouver, where I will be departing on a seven day cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's Radiance of the Seas for a much desired vacation with my family. I'll be back around the July 4th holiday. 

While I'm away you will be in the capable hands of Andrew, Hans, Jon and Preston. You boys and girls play nice during my absence. And remember, just because I'm cruising on the high seas doesn't mean I won't check in from time to time. Remember my honeymoon? 

We should all give some love to the entire CSC team, who work together and keep this place alive at all times. I thank them so much for all that they do and the support they give me. 

And happy birthday to my wife, Erin!!!