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Burning Question: What Kind of Free Agency Period Will We Have?

Reading Andrew's post from this morning got me thinking about something. (Uh oh. Feel free to stop reading and go vote again in GRiZZ's CSC Lockout Pool now. Or tick off cscmember cajuncommando58 and his spirit guide, Corporal Charles Hardin, by posting another T-shirt design idea in the CSC Tee Fanpost.)

If you're still with me, make the jump to read what's rolling around in my head - besides dryer lint, stale Reese's Pieces, and memories of the 2009 season. (Hint: if you read the headline, you already know where this is going...)

In discussing Jermon Bushrod's future in whatever free agency period we have as soon as the powers that be settle the labor dispute, I wonder with a burning question - type obsession:


What kind of free agency period will we actually have?


It will definitely be abbreviated, but will it the crazy, madcap overspend and sign players in rapid-fire fashion that some are expecting? (Ralph has voiced this idea, as have some others...)

Or might it instead be less active, as teams are tentative and hesitant to do much more than re-sign their own players, fearing a hastily-made mistake in the abbreviated signing period that will happen concurrently as teams rush to prepare for training camp and the preseason?

I'm not so sure which way it will go, and I want to hear from you...NOW!


What kind of free agency period do you think we will actually have?