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Fleur-de-Links: June 3, 2011


Greg Romeus



Breaking down the Saints red zone Cover 2 | National Football Post
Breaking down the Saints red zone Cover 2

Tricky offenses could be casualties of lockout - NFL- NBC Sports
Tanier: The more complex an offense, the harder it will be to install on short notice once the NFL lockout lifts. Coaches who follow the "Keep It Simple" approach all of the time may have a distinct advantage.

New Orleans Saints fans have a forum to air NFL lockout gripes |
Radio's Bobby Hebert, Deke Bellavia hold 'town hall' meeting

Saints players kill time during lockout, join flag football team | New Orleans
Harper and Jenkins were not the only ringers at Pan Am. The opponent that allowed them to play also brought in an NFL player of their own, former Curtis standout and current New York Jet Joe McKnight.

Loomis talks with Sirius Radio

Saints inviting 4 more fans to train with them - New Orleans Saints -
New Orleans Saints players have launched a second charity raffle that will allow four more fans to train with them for a day on June 15.



Oral arguments end, judge encourages sides to negotiate | ProFootballTalk
Now we wait. Again. Oral arguments have concluded Friday in St. Louis, where the Eighth Circuit Court of appeals heard arguments regarding whether Judge Susan Nelson's lifting of the lockout will be overturned or not.

Rookies face tough decision whether to practice without contract | ProFootballTalk
NFL rookies, like so many others, are in a tough spot this offseason. They haven't even signed contracts, but many want to practice with their new teammates despite lacking any protection if an injury should happen.

Report: Owners made concessions during recent talks | ProFootballTalk
Though the reality of oral arguments before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit has interrupted the fantasy of a labor deal being secretly negotiated amid boxes of deep dish pizza (eaten, of course, with plastic utensils), our buddy Mike Freeman of CBSSports.

Players, owners should ignore lawyer rhetoric from today’s hearing | ProFootballTalk
Unfortunately, the NFL and the NFLPA* couldn't kick the lawyers out of the room on Friday, because the room was a courtroom and someone with a law license had to stand up and argue the question of whether Judge Susan Nelson's ruling that the lockout should be lifted should be overturned.

NFL, players argue over legality of lockout | Saints | — Baton Rouge, LA

'Last big legal battle' of NFL lockout waged in court today |
Fall season on line in solicitors general's arguments

New Orleans native Jacoby Jones of Houston Texans keeps busy during NFL lockout |
He'll host celebrity basketball game, free football camp this weekend news: NFL, players state lockout cases; court to rule in 'due course'
Lawyers for the NFL and its players met before a three-judge panel Friday at the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, with the judges considering the league's appeal of an injunction lifting the nearly three-month lockout.

NFL lawyer Paul Clement on the Friday hearing before the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals |
The NFL and its players have made their arguments before the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis today and now both sides - not to mention fans - await their decision on the lockout that has paralyzed the league and endangered the 2011 season. Paul Clement Judge Kermit Bye, who twice dissented from the 8th Circuit panel's...

Packers defend decision to keep ring ceremony private | ProFootballTalk
We hear it every year: Besides actually winning the Super Bowl, NFL players often treasure the night they get their Super Bowl rings more than any other. By the time the rings are doled out, the team has had a chance to soak in the title but haven't fully moved on to the next season.

Patriots ramp up efforts to block reporters | ProFootballTalk
Some folks are pretty fired up about teams barring media from player-only workouts.  Florio doesn't sound too concerned. No matter how you feel about it, the level of paranoia from the Patriots on Friday has reached comical proportions.  Bill Belichick is somewhere cackling.

NFL legal fight centers on St. Louis today | ProFootballTalk
After being sent out of the room for two days of not-so-secret mediation talks in Chicago, the lawyers are back, with a billable-hour vengeance.

Eagles lockout workout dwindles to two players | ProFootballTalk
Some of the 2011 lockout workouts seem like a group of grown men gathering at a craggy local football field over a soundtrack of Springsteen and Little Stevie trading "all rights" and "ooh yeahs."  On Thursday in South Jersey, it was more like father and son playing post-6:00 p.m.

NFL lawyer says lockout could last at least a year | ProFootballTalk
Well, the good news already is streaming out of the federal courthouse in St. Louis. Per the Twitter accounts of multiple members of the NFL media who are getting a first-hand lesson in just how boring the practice of law can be, even when it's at its most exciting, NFL lead appellate counsel Pau...

With a Labor Deal in Limbo, N.F.L. May Expand Rosters -
Expanding rosters would give coaches extra time to evaluate rookies, many of whom have not yet received playbooks, because they would not have to make as many cuts after a relatively brief period.