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Fleur-de-Links: June 30, 2011

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Tracy Porter

charles grant


ThePostGame Exclusive: NFL Fullback Heath Evans Says He Uses Controversial SWATS Spray | ThePostGame

Coming or going? Closer look at New Orleans Saints free agents IS New Orleans Sports and beyond. We cover the Saints, Hornets, LSU Tigers, Tulane Green Wave, High School Sports and everything in between.

New Orleans Saints trivia and tidbits: The Year That Was in 1938 IS New Orleans Sports and beyond. We cover the Saints, Hornets, LSU Tigers, Tulane Green Wave, High School Sports and everything in between.

Bush still hasn’t coughed up his Heisman | ProFootballTalk
Earlier this month, Paul Pabst of The Dan Patrick Show tracked down the whereabouts of the Heisman Trophy that Saints running back Reggie Bush supposedly forfeited last year.

New Orleans Saints assistant coach lives full life in Harvey |
Johnson travels to camps and schools, doing spiritual counseling and telling kids that hard work and their faith in God is what matters.

Superdome's six-year transformation nearly complete -
When the manager of the Louisiana Superdome surveys the stadium's latest and most extensive renovation project yet, he finds himself thinking more about his city's hopeful future than its troubled recent past.


Right of first refusal could limit DE pool - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Atlanta Falcons fans, your top two free-agent defensive ends might not be on the market. Although there had been early reports that any players with

Report: AFC team "aggressively sending out playbooks" | ProFootballTalk
We always assumed that getting playbooks to players wouldn't be a huge problem for teams this offseason, whether it was legal or not. When the lockout kinda-sorta ended for a day in April and teams were able to distribute playbooks, we really assumed it wouldn't be a problem.

Green Bay police not sure if guns will be allowed at Lambeau | ProFootballTalk
Wisconsin has just passed a law allowing people to carry concealed guns, and that has the police in Green Bay wondering whether they can stop people from carrying guns into Lambeau Field. "Right now we're dissecting the law. We are reading it.


Labor talks enter critical stretch | ProFootballTalk
As the labor talks continue on Thursday with the owners and key players returning, one thing is now clear. Like the rapture guy's May 21 misadventures, my prediction of an agreement in principle by June 30 likely won't come to fruition.  (Then again, June 30 ain't over yet.

Saints Nation: Owners and Players Negotiating Again | June

Key figures arrive for Thursday’s talks in Minnesota | ProFootballTalk
We (I) predicted several weeks ago that the NFL and the NFLPA* would strike an agreement in principle on June 30.  We (I) now predict that I'll be scraping egg off o' my face when the clock strikes midnight on the last day of the sixth month of the year.