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Take A Video Tour Of The Superdome Renovations

Today, Kevin Spain of the and the Times-Picayune posted a three-part series of videos chronicling a tour of the Superdome renovations that Doug Thornton, the regional vice (to the) president of SMG (the group that manages the Superdome) gave to intrepid Saints Beat Columnist Jeff Duncan.

Make the jump to peek over the bushes and through the blinds to get your own view of the tour.

But shhhhh!!!

Don't let them hear you or they might close the blinds....

Part I features a breakdown of the lower bowl work (insert pot jokes here), the crown jewel of which is the "Bunker Club" (a misleading rough and tumble-sounding name for what is actually a Richie Rich, fat cat amenity):

Part II - Bunker suites and foundation work.

Part III - Wider plaza concourses, new concession areas, new seat configuration, and Champions Square upgrades.

This series of videos begs the question, what if you renovate an amazing Superdome and then have no pro football to play in it? Roll Wave!!! C-USA!! C-USA!!! C-USA!!!! New Orleans Bowl and Sugar Bowl!!! Essence Festival!!! Bayou Classic!!!! NCAA Regional and Opening Round B-ball Tourney Games!!!!

Once you've stopped chuckling from hearing "lower bowl" over and over again, share your thoughts in the comment section.