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Fast Five: Epicurean Delights Edition

Happy Sunday, Saints fans! It's time for another episode from our Fast Five series of posts!

The objective is simple: I ask you guys five questions and you answer them in the comment section below. Since you guys had a few food-related questions for me this week, I've decided to turn it back around on you. So this weeks five questions are all about eating and drinking. Mmmmmm... Some readers may have never been to New Orleans and may not be able to answer these questions personally. I apologize for those that may feel excluded, but just go ahead and answer any questions you can and enjoy reading everyone else's answers.

I look forward to reading your answers and getting to know each and every one of you a little better through your opinions. The more participation, the better!

  1. What's your favorite restaurant in New Orleans?
  2. What's your favorite New Orleans-style dish?
  3. What's your favorite bar in New Orleans?
  4. What's your favorite restaurant outside of the New Orleans metro area?
  5. What's your best cooking tip/trick?