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Stanley Arnoux, What Were You Thinking!?

File this in the "Boneheaded Moves" section. We don't know the full details on this, but it appears Saints LB Stanley Arnoux made a very bad decision with his Super Bowl ring. One night last week, he went to a Miami Beach nightclub and, for some strange reason, left his ring in the center console of his car while he went inside. Are you frickin' kidding me, Stanley? When he later came out and got his car from the valet, the ring was gone.

Police said it was a late night at club LIV at the Fontainebleau Hotel for New Orleans Saints linebacker Stanley Arnoux.When the 24-year-old Sunrise resident left the club after 7 a.m. Monday, he told police his Super Bowl ring was stolen from the center console of the car he left at the valet. Arnoux did not want to say much about it Wednesday.

"This isn't something that's supposed to be public like that," Arnoux said outside his Sunrise townhouse.

Workers at the valet stand did not want to comment. A spokesperson for the Fontainebeau did not immediately return calls or emails as of Wednesday night.

Stanley, you're breaking my heart, dude! The center console? Valet parking? Did you not see this coming?