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Fleur-de-Links: June 7, 2011


Greg Romeus
Alex James Brown




Reggie Bush situation costs USC 2004 title | ProFootballTalk
In April 2006, when we first caught wind of rumors involving Reggie Bush's family getting rent-free housing with the understanding that the money would be made back -- and then some -- via the representation of Bush as an NFL player, we had a feeling it would cause plenty of problems for Bush and fo...

BCS strips USC of 2004 title

Saints Nation: Michael Jenkins Credits Darren Sharper With Development | June Blogs " Blog Archive First and 10: Fantasy time is here "
No. 4 on their top games of 2010: A playoff thriller in Seattle in which the defending champion Saints get knocked off, thanks in part of an amazing run by Marshawn Lynch. UGH!!!!!!

New Orleans Saints All-Time Dream Team | Who Dat Dish
New Orleans Saints All-Time Dream Team

Harry Carson organizing 1986 Giants reunion; Troy Polamalu debate - Peter King -
My list is my opinion. (Carl) Nicks is coming off a season when he was elected to the Pro Bowl and was second-team All-Pro, which means he was considered one of the four best guards in football. He's number 77 for the Saints. Huge guy. Road-grader with good feet. Watch him. You'll appreciate him.

Malcolm Jenkins mailbag: Which position do you prefer to play? |
New Orleans Saints safety answers your questions

New Orleans Saints: Superfan Interview With Halo Saint | Who Dat Dish
New Orleans Saints: Superfan Interview With Halo Saint

New Orleans Saints Will Hoist Lombardi Trophy Again | Who Dat Dish
New Orleans Saints Will Hoist Lombardi Trophy Again

Lewis, Saints Support Community Service Conference

Vilma, Evans to be Featured on NFL Network's "Top 100: Players of 2011"



Brandon Jacobs now thinks Plaxico could return to the Giants | ProFootballTalk
Giants running back Brandon Jacobs said last week "there's no chance" receiver Plaxico Burress re-signs with the Giants. Now, Jacobs thinks there's a chance. During a Monday appearance with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon of SiriusXM NFL Radio, Jacobs said that Burress could return to the team.

Troy Polamalu suing the previous owner of his home | ProFootballTalk
Here's a new twist during this offseason of legal news: Steelers safety Troy Polamalu is suing the former owner of his house SportsByBrooks caught wind of the a legal document online detailing Polamalu's complaint.

Michael Crabtree still not convinced Alex Smith will be the team’s starter | ProFootballTalk
If there a rift between Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree, the two men are doing a poor job hiding it. Smith pointedly said last week he didn't know why Crabtree decided to work alone in the Bay Area rather than join Smith for throwing sessions.

NFL’s brief in support of motion to dismiss not due for weeks | ProFootballTalk
We promised last night to break down the legal brief in support of the NFL's motion to dismiss the Tom Brady antitrust lawsuit, as soon as we got our hands on it. And we plan to honor that promise.  Eventually. As it turns out, the NFL hasn't filed a brief yet.

Lions will refund employees if no games are lost | ProFootballTalk
The Lions are among the teams that have opted to hide behind a self-induced financial crisis to take salary away from employees who are caught in the middle of a labor dispute. The good news, sort of, is that the Lions will refund any lost pay, if the full season is played.

Tedy Bruschi: Packers’ leaders should have organized workouts | ProFootballTalk
The defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers' decision not to have any player-organized workouts during the lockout has drawn the ire of one former player who knows something about successfully defending a Super Bowl title.

NFC South links: Steve Smith wants out - NFC South Blog - ESPN