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Fleur-de-Links: June 8, 2011


HeathEvans Heath Evans "@Zac_Nicholson: @HeathEvans would u ever play for the pats again" Of course!

HeathEvans Heath Evans Today is a day that if I knew who invented email I might put a hit out on him!

usama_young28 Usama Young Lol Errrr? Blasphemy! Never happened RT @alanmac5: @usama_young28 no bball game again? I was tryin to see u get dunked on again...


reggie_bush Reggie Bush On my way to workout with my Power Beats by Dre Headphones. No Grind No Shine.

@Mark_Ingram22 Mark Ingram Everyday thank the lord that I wake Everyday livin like my last day

jgoody76 jonathan goodwin @alexbrown96 caught a 1020am

jgoody76 jonathan goodwin Lol RT @RG803: #LockOutPleaseEndTweet --> RT @jgoody76: At the movies watching fast five. I'm the only one in the theater.

I feel for ya bro! Lol RT: @jgoody76: At the movies watching fast five. I'm the only one in the theater.

@jgoody76 it's 10 AM!!!! I sure hope u are the only one Hahahaha didn't realize theaters open so early

@JonVilma51 Jonathan Vilma Headed to tulane, abt to "sweat it out sweat it out sweat it out"!!

@drewbrees Drew Brees I got spellchecked. Site for raffle is Raffle ends Friday so get in now on this once in a lifetime experience

@usama_young28 Usama Young Gooood morrnnning. Did I tell u Stay Focused Weekend 2011 is 14 days away? Community Day, Bowl wit the Pros, and Football and Cheer Camp!

@wwltvsports WWL-TV Sports EOSB: #Saints' Jenkins, Shanle find themselves on dubious list - | (via @fboutsiders)

wwltvsports WWL-TV Sports Oh my! RT @RapSheet: Best lockout story yet: Patriots S Bret Lockett tells "In Touch" he's hooking up with Kim K...

Official_Saints New Orleans Saints ranked the Top-10 toughest NFL venues for opponents Tuesday. Here is our fans' case for who should be No. 1

@WWLAMFM WWL Radio Lockout could leave locals out of a job

AlbertBreer Albert Breer One small nugget added in my labor story: NFL-NFLPA meetings are happening at a hotel on Long Island

AlbertBreer Albert Breer ... And the exact location is undisclosed. No clue where on Long Island, and it's a pretty big area to cover.

GeorgeAtallah George Atallah RT @AdamSchefter Drew Brees and Jonathan Vilma are offering the chance to be an NFL player for a day. Find out how:

AlbertBreer Albert Breer Also, PA has projections that 2011 revenues (if season's unaffected) will rise to $11B. It's why "true-ups" are vital.

AlbertBreer Albert Breer Also in the story, league sources say cancellation of preseason = $1 billion in lost revenue. Could wreck talks.

AlbertBreer Albert Breer One PA source said they're in a "30-day window"; League source: 4-6 weeks needed from hard negotiating to drafting deal


Fans Take: Why the Superdome is the NFL's Toughest Venue for Opponents
On Tuesday, ESPN’s NFL bloggers ranked the top 10 toughest NFL venues for visiting teams. The Superdome came in at No. 6 on the list. Saints fans voiced their opinions on...

Breaking down running backs: New Orleans - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson examines the state of the running back corps for each NFC South team. The Saints' running back corps experienced...

Malcolm Jenkins mailbag: How do your angles to the ball change from corner to safety? |
New Orleans Saints safety answers your questions

Saints Nation: The Top 10 "Most Valuable" Saints in 2011 | June

Saints Players Raffle 2nd Workout - WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | News | Talk | Sports

EOSB: Saints' Jenkins, Shanle find themselves on dubious list | New Orleans
The Saints’ fanbase destroys linebacker Scott Shanle year in and year out while at the same time, they love safety Malcolm Jenkins.

moosedenied " Blog Archive " Semi-Ho With Aunt Grandy



No surprise: Steelers won’t pursue Asomugha | ProFootballTalk
It doesn't take a Steelers insider like Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to know that signing Nnamdi Asomugha to a big contract just isn't the way that Pittburgh does business.

Peter King is convinced Matt Hasselbeck will leave Seattle | ProFootballTalk
The longer the lockout drags on, the more obvious Matt Hasselbeck's value to the Seahawks appears.  He looks to be in control of the team's recent practice sessions and weight program.

Kenny Britt pleads guilty to careless driving | ProFootballTalk
Just two months after being arrested on a felony charge for eluding an officer and lying to an officer, Titans receiver Kenny Britt pleaded guilty Wednesday morning to a much reduced charge of careless driving, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

NFL needs Dan Rooney, Dan Rooney needs NFL to not need him | ProFootballTalk
While skimming through the Wednesday one-liners (hey, I read them . . . sometimes), I noticed the reference to Chuck Finder's column arguing for Steelers chairman emeritus Dan Rooney to be involved in the ongoing labor talks. Finder is right.  The game needs Dan Rooney, now the U.S.