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Saints DO NOT Sign Wide Receiver Kevin Dizer

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The players keep coming! The Saints have now signed/negotiated their thirteenth undrafted free agent. The lucky guy is Kevin Dizer, a wide receiver out of the small college of Belhaven. This time, the news comes via

2:35 p.m.
Kevin Dizer, a Sterlington High and Belhaven product, as signed with the Saints. Guess what position he plays? Yep, another wide receiver added to the mix for camp.

This is the fourth receiver the Saints have signed/negotiated a contract with. Sadly, I can't find any scouting information on him. I was able to find a nice story about him from Belhaven, so make the jump to read a portion of that instead.

UPDATE [ 07/26/11 9:20 PM CDT ]: Kevin Dizer did not sign with the Saints, per his personal Twitter account.'s report was incorrect. Take him off the list. 

Kevin Dizer 

I did not sign with the saints today. All the websites on the Internet reported that wrong. Not sure where they got their information from    

Here's a nice story of him from Belhaven's own website:

Jackson, MS-The Belhaven football team won a 41-34 shootout against Louisiana College on Saturday night at H.T. Newell Field in their home opener of the 2010 season. It took some last second heroics on the part of Blazer quarterback Alex Williams and wide receiver Kevin Dizer who hauled in an eight yard touchdown pass with 34 seconds on the clock to finally secure the victory.

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