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Saints Sign Offensive Lineman Carl Johnson

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Add offensive lineman Carl Johnson to the list of undrafted free agent signings by the Saints today. This makes the third offensive lineman the Saints have signed today. As well, this is the fourteenth undrafted free agent that the Saints have signed/negotiated a contract with since yesterday. The news came via Rachel George from the Orlando Sentinel:

Just talked to former OL Carl Johnson, who said he signed with the Saints.

It seems the Saints are starting to dig deep in bottom of the barrel, as it's becoming harder to find scouting reports for these guys. However, I do have some stories on Carl Johnson that are both good and bad. Make the jump to read those.

From Gator Zone:

Growing up, football was a family affair for senior offensive guard Carl Johnson. After all, his dad played pro football and starred at Clemson University. On top of that, Johnson had three football-loving sisters that helped develop his love for the game. Little did Johnson know that when he enrolled at the University of Florida in January of 2006, his family was about to multiply exponentially.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The arrest Monday of Gators offensive lineman Carl Johnson stemmed from a petition from a former girlfriend who claimed Johnson "date-raped" her on three occasions from September to November of 2008.

In court documents obtained by the Orlando Sentinel, the petitioner said on Feb. 9 that her relationship with Johnson from July to December included "regular" physical and emotional abuse.

University of Florida police arrested Johnson, 21, for violating a temporary restraining order after following the former girlfriend off a campus bus, according to a police report. Once the woman filed the petition, the court issued Johnson a temporary restraining order and scheduled a court appearance for Feb. 24 at 9:30 a.m. to decide whether to extend the order or take further action.

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