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Creating an SB Nation "Do Not Read" List

Have I got a little surprise for all you grumpy, whiny SB Nation members out there who think they're too good to waste time reading the comments of members they deem inferior and who wish there was a way to create a "Do Not Read" list!

It seems someone out there feels the same way as you, a big fan of SB Nation apparently, and he has created the technology that allows you to do just that. So instead of having to skip over comments from users you already know you don't like, their comments will automatically be blocked before you even have the chance to snub your nose at them. 

How it Works

Once the appropriate extension is installed, you may adjust the options and add the user names of members you don't want to see comments from anymore. The Google Chrome options screen looks like this. You can see I've decided to block comments from that ever so pesky, HansDat. 


So now when you're browsing through Canal Street Chronicles and there's a comment from one of the users you've decided to block, it appears like this:


You can choose to also block all replies to comments made by users you don't like, even if they're made by someone you like, or you can choose to only block comments from just those specific users. Your call.  

How to Install

This technology is only available for Google Chrome and Safari users but let's face it, why would you be using anything else in the first place. If you're using one of those two browsers, follow the instructions below. If you're not, get with the times and download one of them, then follow the instructions below. 


To install in Google Chrome, follow this link to the Chrome Web Store and click the "Install" button.

To configure, disable, or uninstall the plugin, click the wrench, and choose Tools -> Extensions. You can click the "options" link to configure the re-scan interval and list of users to be black-listed.


To install in Safari, click this link to download the latest version. If it does not automatically install, just click on the "sbnbl.safariextz" file in your downloads folder. When new versions are available, it will auto-upgrade.

To configure, go to Preferences and click the "Extensions" tab. You can change the re-scan interval, and the comma-separated list of users to be black-listed.

You're welcome.