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Unconfirmed: Anthony Hargrove Reportedly Signs with Chicago Bears

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Saints fans will get a chance to watch Anthony Hargrove play football again this year...when the Bears come to town on September 18th. 

The Examiner says ESPN has reported that the versatile defensive lineman has signed a contract with the Chicago Bears tonight:

The New Orleans Saints have reportedly lost one of their defensive tackles and one of the most heart-warming stories to ever step out onto a football field. ESPN is reporting that free agent DT Anthony Hargrove has signed with the Chicago Bears, ending his time in the BIg Easy.    

I don't find any other media outlets confirming this report, however. Stay tuned for more details.  

That would be a shame and I'd hate to see him go but I'm really not surprised by this move if true. With so many other signings by the Saints, Hargrove may have become less of a priority for the team.

UPDATE [08/01/11 10:15 PM CDT ]: Mike Triplett says the signing hasn't occurred but Hargrove is in talks with the Bears:

@MikeTripletttp just told our night editor that talks of #Saints' Hargrove signing are premature, he and #Bears are still in talks.