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Fantasy Football 2011: Official Canal Street Chronicles League is Set

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I have sent out the invites to our official Canal Street Chronicles fantasy football league on Yahoo! Sports privately and those participants have until Friday to get their butts signed up. It was tough to choose from all the members who expressed interest in participating but I tried to be fair by selecting those who are most active or have been with us the longest. The draft is set for Saturday, September 3rd at 6:30pm CDT.  

If you did not make the cut but still would like to play fantasy football with other CSC members, we can start as many satellite leagues as necessary. Simply let us know if you're still interested in the comment section below. We will need one experienced person to act as commissioner for each league, so let us know also if you're willing to step up to the plate and take charge of a league. 

The list of those who have been invited to participate is after the jump. If you're on this list but haven't seen your invite, be sure to check the email account you used to create your CSC account and check your SPAM folder. 

Jay Preece

David "Satch" Kelly

Dan Kelly

Breesus Chris Superstar







Joseph William Stern


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