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What Up With Dat?: Contract and Camp Questions

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Below are answers to some of this weeks reader questions submitted Monday. I plan to have answers to more of your questions tomorrow. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below.


Out of our current stable of RB's, who do you think will have the best year? - CSC M.

At this point, I'd be surprised if it wasn't Mark Ingram. The amount of hype he's drawing is even more than I would have expected. I mean, have you heard the gushing from players and media alike. Did you know he can also fly and bring small animals back to life? Seriously though, I also have high hopes for Pierre Thomas. He's nearly 100%, he's got the comfort a 4-year contract and he's now the veteran back on the team. 

How much wiggle room do the Saints have under the new cap? Can we even afford an $85 million plus salary for Breesus?  - Famous G.

I can't really answer your first question. I don't have the details of every players contract so I really have no way of knowing the Saints current financial situation. That would really be a question for Mickey Loomis or Khai Harley. I can say with complete confidence, however, that those two know exactly what they're doing and they've got a plan that's going to keep Drew happy and under contract for a long time. There are plenty of tricks they can play with the structure of his contract to make the numbers work. Not something I am worried about in the least. 


Any update on Payton's contract extension? - Snowboard K.

Lots of contract questions today. I haven't heard anything. Someone told me that they heard on some ESPN radio channel that Payton had been offered a contract extension but declined it. Take that third hand rumor for what it's worth. 


Dave, have you or will you, attend any practices during Saints camp? - Metry M.

In short, no. I was driving down Airline Dr. and about three miles away from the practice facility this past Sunday when the rain started coming down and practice was moved indoors. Hopefully I'll have a chance to head out there this Sunday and the weather will hold up. If I do, you know there will be pictures and a recap write here for you. 


Noticed an influx of new you think this a direct result of the Lockout ending and the publicity generated by the mad free agency period?  - Cajun C. 

I think it's a direct result of the lockout ending in that fans were football starved after giving up on the NFL for a while and madly searching for information upon it's return. We here at Canal Street Chronicles did such a good job covering all the action that when those fans hit the internet searching for any and all information, they found us. Once real Saints fans discover the awesomeness that is CSC, they are powerless to resist and they keep coming back. You might say they get hooked on Da Chronic.