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What Up With Dat?: Free Agency & Fake Scenarios

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Below are answers to some of this weeks reader questions submitted Monday. This is the second part of this weeks WUWD series. Read part one from yesterday right here. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below.


 If you could only pick one, and the others were top 15 but not top 5, which would you prefer...#1 offense passing, #1 offense rushing, #1 defense in yards, or #1 defense in takeaways. - Amir W. via Twitter

Interesting question. I think I would go with takeaways. They can be so important during games and really turn momentum. And if the offense is getting the ball more, they're at least getting more chances to score points. Since that means they would have at least a top 15 offense, I would expect them to convert on at least some of those opportunities. 

If you had your way, would free agency be like it was this past year, every year? - Jon B.

It certainly made for an exciting and fun two week period, didn't it?  But it made for an incredibly dull four months prior to that. If I wasn't a blogger and wasn't responsible for coming up with something to write about each and every day during those long, information-less days, I might have a different opinion. It was also really tough work keeping CSC updated with all of the roster moves as they happened. But I think for my own sanity, it's best to go back to the standard off-season we all know and love.


Do you think the shortened free agency will affect the preseason? As in longer/shorter playing time in games for starters? - Cockyness W.

No, I think you'll see the same preseason you always do. The backups will play most of the first and second game while the first team will play at least a half, if not three quarters, in the third game. The last game will be all second and third teamers as the coaches use the game situations to make some final decisions. I haven't heard anything to the contrary. 


Surprise player that does not make the final New Orleans Saints roster? Surprise player to make the final New Orleans Saints roster? - hrp    

For surprise player to make the team I'm going to go with wide receiver Montez Billings. I've heard some good things about him. If he comes through on special teams during these preseason games I think he might have a chance.

I'm not sure if this would be considered a shock or not but I'll stick with the wide receivers and say that Adrian Arrington will surprisingly not make the team. What the hell.  


As a season ticket holder, how do you feel about having to buy the preseason tickets, too? - Hans D.

It doesn't really bother me. It's just a chance for me to get my butt in the dome that much quicker. I'm really excited about getting back in there tomorrow after all the renovations. These games are also a good opportunity to invite friends who don't often get a chance to attend games. If I really had a problem, I could always sell them and probably get my money back, if not more.