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Saints Training Camp: Day 16 Recap

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The New Orleans Saints were back at practice this evening, following a day off after the Friday night game against the 49ers.

The big news items are the return to practice of Marques Colston and Tracy Porter, the updates on the conditions of Johnny Patrick and Joique Bell, whose sprains are just sprains and will not require surgery, and the fact that Zach Strief played with the Ones today in practice.

Make the jump for the proof in the pudding...

Post-Practice Reports

Saints' Porter, Colston return to practice; Bell, Patrick out |
Bradley Handwerger - Tracy Porter and Marques Colston returned to practice, while Johnny Patrick and Joique Bell missed with knee sprains.

New Orleans Saints WR Marques Colston and CB Tracy Porter return to practice |
James Varney - Porter had missed all of camp so far.

New Orleans Saints get some good news on injury front says Coach Sean Payton |
James Varney - He's cautiously optimistic on Joique Bell and Johnny Patrick.

New Orleans Saints' Zach Strief gets shot at starting right tackle job |
Mike Triplett - Strief ran with first string in Sunday's practice and Jon Stinchcomb was with second team.



New Orleans Saints WR Marques Colston Media Availability transcript
Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do you anticipate playing in the game on Saturday?
"Definitely. I'm going to keep working throughout the week and give it a go on Saturday."

Were you able to figure out what caused the irritation in your knee?
"We tried some different things. It's just a matter of resting it. The volume of work the first couple of days, I guess it was just a little too much for it. I'm just working my way back in, and like I said, it feels good."

Do you think it's going to be an injury that lingers throughout the season?
"It's just going to be a matter of managing it and getting it football-ready. Going from a lot of straight line running and lifting, it's totally different when you get on the field and start running routes. You get your body in situations you really can't train for. I'm transitioning back into that and it shouldn't be an issue moving forward."

Now that you're back and Tracy Porter is back from injuries, do you feel like the team is getting all of its weapons back and everything is coming together?
"Definitely. We had a lot of injuries last year and just to get everyone back on the field together and healthy is going to be huge for us."

Do you anticipate any other scheduled rest periods throughout the course of the season?
"It's going to be something where we'll take it as it goes. I love to go to work with all my guys and that's what I plan to do but if something arises, then we'll just deal with it then."

What was the approach with the starters on offense in the first preseason game?
"It was a similar approach to what we do in the regular season game. Not having a lot of the offense in, we were limited against the 49ers. We have more and more installations coming. It's a different training camp for us and obviously across the board. It's a matter of us adjusting to what the coaches have for us and going out to do what we can do."

After going through surgery last year and then again this year with the lockout taking place, how has rehab been different for you?
"It was totally different. I was doing a lot of things I wasn't used to. I missed out on a couple opportunities, but that's what we're dealing with now."

Where did you end up doing your rehab?
"I ended up in California for a little bit, and then I came back to New Orleans and worked with a local trainer. I just didn't get the usual rehab I'm used to."

How was it different?
"I wasn't working with the trainers I've been working with for five years now and not being able to talk to them about what my body is capable of."

Is that why you think it's bothering you now because you didn't have that work?
"It could be. Just jumping right back into it was the main things and the volume of work we get in each practice, it's something I've got to get used to."

Was there any swelling around your knee?
"There was swelling for about one or two days, but the swelling has gone down and it's really not an issue. It's all about maintenance from here on out."

It wasn't as much of an indictment on the doctors you worked with as much as just being able to get back onto the field?
"No, I felt like I worked with some great trainers this offseason. There's no substitute for five years of familiarity."



miketripletttp Tracy Porter, Marques Colston returned to #Saints practice. Stay tuned for further updates.

wwltvsports  J Patrick, J Charleston, C Ingram, R Humber, T Johnson, G Romeus, E Butler, A Barron, J Bell, C Ivory did not practice for #Saints.

miketripletttp Zach Strief is getting a shot to compete for #Saints starting RT job. He lined up with ones today while Jon Stinchcomb was with 2s.

JohnnyPatrick32 This was from a few weeks ago....

kspainTP he said no swellin or pain: RT @miketripletttp: Tracy Porter, Marques Colston returned to #Saints practice. #whodat #nola

thomasmorstead  "@matthinkamp@thomasmorstead are we gonna get to see any spectacular touchdown-saving special teams tackles this year?"hope not :)

LHolderCBS Sean Payton also continues to say that he sees the #Saints as a "roster" and not a "team" yet.

GregRomeus91 Camp got me lookin extra scruffy.. #longhairdontcare

T_Porter22 First day back at practice with the fellas...pretty exciting lol

wwltvsports  Payton on Porter: "We've got enough guys to rotate through. WE'll have a plan and a pitch count with him"
j_bushrod7475 We got it"@pbraniffsr@j_bushrod7475 I want to see one of you big O lineman take on the Big Country breakfast challenge at #CityDiner!!!!"

alexbrown96 Just finished up with practice now in the cold tub and then a sensible dinner... Can't wait til bedtime I'm a bit tired today...

alexbrown96  If Texas AM can't win the Big 9 (or whatever) what makes them think they can even compete in the SEC? Y'all see Texas and OKL is staying put

MalcolmJenkins  "@MsJerseyLady@MalcolmJenkins remember way back when! LoL" throw back! This was 8th grade lol

alexbrown96 I love it!!! Putting in WORK!! RT @DeanWLamb: Why yes, my daughter is wearing #96 to honor her favorite NFL

LHolderCBS Payton said he's good w:KO at 35. It hinders those teams w:elite returners, but he'd rather have Morstead t-backs, his offense start at 20.

T_Porter22 Getting ready for meetings, but first I have to feed the body..

wwltvsports Porter: "Definitely getting back out there, flying around game speed, that's going to be a test."

MalcolmJenkins What is it about football that makes me want to play no matter how sore, tired, sad, mad, or exhausted I may be?....#truelove

wwltvsports Porter on if there was pressure to get back: "None whatsoever. The coaches, they know what type of ability I have."

wwltvsports Robert Meachem ran 4 post patterns w/ Drew Brees after prax in an attempt to regain Brees' confidence, Meachem said.

wwltvsports Meachem: "As an offense, we know we left a lot on the field. Today we came back and we did everything we could to make up for the game. "



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