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NFC South Roundup: Football Is Back!

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Earning his $7 million a year, one QB sack/fumble at a time.
Earning his $7 million a year, one QB sack/fumble at a time.

The first week of the preseason is almost over, which will conclude with a game tonight featuring the Jets and the Texans. Then the Saints head to Houston to match up against the Texans for their second preseason matchup, which is likely to feature the starters lasting a little longer than one or two drives.

Right now though, we've got the Roundup! We have the links that summarizes what happened to the other three teams in the NFC South's preseason games. Make sure you make the jump and see more of what happened this past weekend.

Panthers News:

What does the lack of urgency at WR say about the Panthers coaching staff? - Cat Scratch Reader
That they're in a steep decline?

Why it's hard to predict how Cam Newton and the Panthers will do tonight - Cat Scratch Reader
I can tell you exactly what will happen. Newton will suck. Clausen will do better, yet everyone will say Newton is the best thing since sliced potatoes were fried.

New era of Carolina Panthers football begins with 20-10 win over New York Giants - Cat Scratch Reader
I think you mean "error" instead of "era."

Cam Newton: 8 for 19, 42.1% completion percentage, 134 passing yards, 2 sacks, with a 66.6 QB Rating. Yes that is his real QB rating.

Jimmy Clausen: 4 for 7, 57.1% completion percentage, 69 passing yards, a touchdown pass, an interception, 2 sacks, 90.8 QB rating, with 1 rushing attempt for 4 yards.

Yet read that story I linked above, and you find more love for Newton than Clausen.

Bucs News:

Buccaneers beat Chiefs 25-0: Bucs look sharp, beat up on backups - Bucs Nation
Don't worry, it's only the preseason. Don't worry, it's only the preseason. Don't worry, it's only the preseason.

Buccaneers - Chiefs: Five Disappointing Players on Offense - Bucs Nation
Ah, a nice good exciting read.

Buccaneers - Chiefs: Five Disappointing Players on Defense - Bucs Nation
How do you have any disappointing players on defense when you won 25-0? (Also, follow both of these links to see who Bucs Nation thought was the 5 standout players on offense and defense respectively)

Falcons News:

Peering At Position Battles After The Falcons-Dolphins Tilt - The Falcoholic
Position battles? Well there's missionary and there's...whoops, wrong positions.

Beak Bites Vol. 1: ATL vs. MIA - The Falcoholic
Make sure to use some rubbing alcohol after clicking the link.

Starters Excel, Depth Is A Mixed Bag: A Falcons-Dolphins Recap - The Falcoholic
Who's up for a recap of a preseason game about a team no one reading this likes?

Saints Preseason Game: Week 2

Sat, 08/20 at 7:00 PM CDT
Reliant Stadium
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