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More Random Thoughts from Saints Training Camp and Preseason Week One

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Here are a few more bullet point notes from observations made after re-watching the Saints first preseason game against the 49ers and recent events in Who Dat Nation.

  • The Saints defense looked great, particularly in the first half. Six sacks, seven forced punts and only 109 yards given up is pretty impressive. But should we really get excited about their performance in this one game? The Niners aren't exactly a great team and they were probably just as surprised as they were unprepared to find Gregg Williams calling plays like it's the NFC Championship Game right from the coin flip. Let's take the cautiously optimistic route and temper above normal levels of enthusiasm until we see another game or two.
  • However, I didn't realize how good Will Smith looked. Wonder if that's going to happen often.
  • On second and third and fourth viewing, Ingram's touchdown run was pretty sweet. After bursting through the hole he made a quick side step away from a a diving defender and maintained his balance while completing a 360, ending it with walk into the end zone.  
  • Drew looked pretty pissed at Meachem on the sideline after the 3rd down long ball that went right through Meachem's arms. 
  • When the Saints offense marched inside their opponents 20-yard line the CST broadcasting crew had to call it the 'Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning Red Zone.' Gotta love Louisiana.
  • Before we start  freaking out about the possible steep decline of the Saints offensive line now that Jon Stinchcomb has been released, let's keep in mind that Mickey and Sean surely know what they're doing, right? They must feel comfortable with one or two of their current veteran backups like Jordan Black or Alex Barron. That being said...are there any good offensive tackle free agents on the market?
  • Last night I just happened to catch the premiere of  'Most Eligible Dallas,' another ridiculously stupid semi-reality series on Bravo. This one follows eight young professionals living the single life in Dallas and one of them just so happens to be former Saints punter Glenn Pakulak. You might remember Glenn from his brief stint with the team at the end of the 2008 season and 2009 training camp. He was beaten out by Thomas Morstead and the rest, as they say, is history. Anyway, I don't advise watching this show.