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What Up With Dat?: Taking Care of Business Edition

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Below are answers to some of this weeks reader questions submitted yesterday. More answers to your questions throughout today. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below.

Saw a new member ask someone where they were at. Why don't you have a link to the Who Dat Google Map included with the rest of the links on the home page. Just a thought.- Cajun C.

Bam! Done! Go have a look-see.

Does anyone think that we should change the What up with dat picture? Or change reggie bush's face? - Martin V.

Kapow! Done! Look to your right. Thanks to GRIZZ for hooking that up so quickly.

Who do you have penciled in to take reggie's place under your Who Dat Say banner? - Jeremy S.

Thwap! Done! MtnExile has already sent me the final edit of our new Who Dat Say!? photo. Hans can confirm. We're going to keep the four subjects of the new picture a secret but let's just say, you're going to love it and you will be surprised. Stay tuned!

Will the public be allowed to watch the Saints practice in Oxnard? - Nan V.

Yes. From the New Orleans Saints official website:

The New Orleans Saints will practice in Oxnard, Calif. at the Residence Inn By Marriott at River Ridge from Monday, August 22 through Friday August 26.

All practices will start at 4:00 pm and end at approximately 6:45 pm. All practices will be open to the public.

I'm sure that's probably weather - and incredibly secretive coach - permitting.

Hey, I know that there is now a mobile version of CSC, but what are the chances of an application. I know I would use it. - J. Henn

I mentioned earlier this summer that the SB Nation tech team had an SB Nation app high on their list of priorities. That's still the case and from some of the e-mails I've received, it sounds like they are pretty close. I believe it will only be available for iPhone at first release, but available for Android shortly thereafter. Which is good, because I just got me a spanking new htc Thunderbolt that I love and would really like to take an SB Nation app for a spin.

Why am I seeing ads for Sexy Russians in the top banner on CSC? I only visited that Russian Bride website once, and it was just for research. But seriously... maybe SBNation could remove those ads. - Dan K.

Unfortunately, I doubt that's going to happen. They gotta pay the bills somehow.