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NFC South Roundup: Signings To the Left Of Me, Signings To The Right

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Another week, another Roundup. Last week was the most active week for the NFL since the draft, and even then I'm a lot more exhausted. Although it was probably the most exciting free agency period in a long time, if not ever! Hundreds of players on the market and only a small window of time to sign them. It was exhilarating! I'd love for this to happen every year...except for that whole labor trouble thing.

Anyway, it's Roundup time! I tried to get at least one free agency post per team, so that way people who have been so engrossed in the Saints can see what those other pesky teams have been doing. So make the jump to read the magnificently awesome, Canal Street Chronicles NFC South Roundup version 10.0!

Panthers News:

Panthers Sign #1 Pick QB Cam Newton - Cat Scratch Reader

Panthers Release K John Kasay, the Last Original Panther - Cat Scratch Reader
He had a long career with the Panthers. Though I won't miss his game winning field goals anymore.

Looks like we found our vet backup QB - Cat Scratch Reader
Yup! You found him alright! And he's going to put his heart and soul into it EVERY WEEK!

Bucs News:

Bucs miss on Nnamdi who flies to Philly - Bucs Nation
Apparently, the Bucs had never shown interest in him at all. Though the likely scenario probably played out like this:

Glazer: Hey Nnamdi! I really want you to come play for my team!

Nnamdi: Well, I don't want to close any of my options. Which team are you?

Glazer: Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

(Nnamdi hangs up)

Glazer: Hello?

Free Agency isn't over yet, so who could the Tampa Bay Buccaneers grab? - Bucs Nation
Well considering you paid your punter $19 million, how about an accountant?

Barrett Ruud is now a Tennessee Titan, Bucs roll with youth at MLB position - Bucs Nation
I'm really surprised the Bucs let him go. Apparently, he had a bad year last year. But it's really good to have an experienced MLB to be a captain of your defense. I know they want to go with youth, but youth isn't always better than experience.

One thing to be thankful for: we're not talking about quarterbacks - Bucs Nation
Because you'd lose that one. Brees > Freeman

Falcons News:

The Falcons Sign Ray Edwards! Plus A Free Agency Recap Thus Far - The Falcoholic

Michael Turner Recovered From Super Secret Surgery - The Falcoholic
How secret was it? Even Turner himself didn't even know he had it.

Eric Weems Returns To The Falcons Special Teams - The Falcoholic
At first, I was depressed. But then I realized, the Saints have focused like a laser on improving the special teams. I'm going to have faith that they will be able to contain Weems. At least, I hope.