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Saints Sign DT Aubrayo Franklin

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The Saints have put more effort into improving their defensive line and signed Aubrayo Franklin, the former NT of the San Francisco 49ers. The news comes via Adam Schefter:

Filed to ESPN: New Orleans pulled off free-agent upset, reaching agreement with former 49ers DT Aubrayo Franklin on a one-year deal.

Quite frankly, I'm absoutely amazed. The Saints have already poured tons into the D-line already, and then they go and find a nose to plug up the hole on rushing downs. This move is going to greatly aid the Saints run defense, and finally gives some help to Shaun Rogers, who won't be able to play all three downs anyway.

I love this move. Mickey Loomis and the Saints front office have shown that they plan to win the Super Bowl again. They don't seem to care the media has gone all in on the Eagles, they care about leading the Saints back to the Promised Land.

When details of the contract are released, we'll update this post.

**Props to jeff.l.b. for getting this fanshot up first**