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Saints Have Re-Signed David Thomas

The Saints took care of one of their more important free agency moves remaining and re-signed tight end, David Thomas. They may not have been quick about it, but they finally did what everyone expected them to do. The news comes via Larry Holder:

BREAKING: TE David Thomas has agreed to terms, according to a league source. Another big get for the Saints.

This is a good signing for the Saints. Thomas is a versatile tight end who can catch and block, giving Sean Payton flexibility in his playcalling. Having him back also let's the Saints not force Jimmy Graham into the limelight if they feel he's not ready.

The Saints have signed almost all of their quality free agents back, leaving Jonathan Goodwin and Heath Evans as the two notable un-signed free agents remaining. The Saints are clearly over 90 players at this point with no announcement of any cuts; those will need to be made and announced.

When details of the contract are released, we'll update this post.