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Saints Need Somebody to Step Up at Safety

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After the loss of Jon Stinchomb earlier last week, everyone immediately went into panic mode as they worried about the depth at offensive tackle and the quality of the offensive line in general. After the beat down by Houston on Saturday, however, I'm probably more worried about another position on the Saints roster: safety. 

As I mentioned in my post-game notes yesterday, there is very little depth behind Malcolm Jenkins. It's not much better behind Roman Harper. Returning backups Chris Reis and Pierson Prioleau are known entities; great special teams contributors but not ideal as full time starters. Right now I'd say the Saints have failed to upgrade the position this off-season.

But who are the Saints going to trust in the terrifying event that Malcolm Jenkins gets injured? Because we just can't have a repeat of the Seattle Seahawks 2011 playoff game.

Against Houston we saw that Paul Oliver isn't quite ready for significant playing time. DeAndre McDaniel was the most highly touted player among all the undrafted rookie free agents this year but he has yet to catch my eye. Isa Abdul-Quddus, another UDFA, has made some plays in practice but shown nothing during preseason games. Jonathon Amaya may be the best candidate but here again, the strongest aspect of his game is special teams.

So who's it gonna be? Or will the Saints look elsewhere, namely the free agent market, for help? Can Darren Sharper be enticed to come back and on the cheap? Are you panicking yet!?