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Saints Training Camp: Oxnard Day 1

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After traveling to California yesterday, the Saints practiced out in the beautiful California weather which has to be better than the weather here on the gulf coast. The Saints have shown a lot of intensity out on the practice field, apparently the Texans game has made some players very upset with their performance. Which is exactly what Saints fans want to hear.

One highlight of note today, Gregg Williams was not happy. He made the defense do a lot of work today. If you were a conspiracy theorist, you may even think Payton and Williams planned this. The offense and defense are working much harder after their loss than they were last week. As well, the Texans are more optimistic about their next match up.

I'm posting this as practice ends, so expect updates later on tonight. For now, go ahead and make the jump to see what happened in Oxnard today.



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